How the sea cadets is helping me with my fear of heights…

So, I may not have mentioned before how I volunteer for the Sea Cadet Corps. I enjoy it, obviously or I wouldn’t do it.

Gods, it can be challenging and maddening and stretches your patience. However, it challenges me and that’s something I’m after. I didn’t have the greatest start but after a change of unit (there are many units around the country) things clicked in to place.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering about the title of this post. I was asked to become the store keeper at my unit. Sure, said I. Cheerfully going to the tiny store-room – where are the rest of the uniforms?

Well to cut a long story short imagine a very rickety looking ladder leading up to an attic. I am not the lightest of people, I also dislike heights (long story, geology field trip accident, I’ll go into it in a few years perhaps) The ladder flexes and groans as I step on to it. Heart in my mouth I climb repeating the mantra ‘I saw so and so (who is bigger than me) climb this ladder, I saw so and so climb this ladder’

I reached the top. Promptly smacked my head on the thankfully padded ceiling at the top. I think since that day I’ve been up and down that ladder about 40 times. Now, the step down, there I’m going from the flat floor to the ladder and searching with my foot for that first rung, is the only part that causes me fright.

I tried to avoid going up and down at first then realised it was affecting my stores keeping, gave myself a stern talking to, put on my adult pants and just got on with it.

In my everyday life I don’t climb ladders. Eventually, like all fears that you are repeatedly exposed to, the fear will fade and the ladder won’t scare me anymore.  I don’t think I would have ever realised my dislike of heights extended to ladders, nor would I have (almost) overcome it without the SCC.



Please don’t go (RFA let it go parody)

I do not own the tune of ‘let it go’ I believe that belongs to Disney. Also, no, I’m not misspelling RAF, which are a different thing.

There are suitcases down in the hall tonight,
not a dry eye to be seen.
You’re leaving me in isolation,
at least that’s how it seems.

I feel like I’m tearing up deep down inside
But I won’t ask you to stay, I won’t even try.

Please keep safe and try to sleep,
make sure you get enough to eat
Drink coffee, try and call
email if you must!

Please don’t go, please don’t go,
Don’t leave me for the RFA,
please don’t go, please don’t go,
I hate it when you’re away!

Yes, I know, why you have to leave
but I prefer you home
home, safe and sound with me

It’s strange how hearing about your day
Makes my life seem so small
I get up at 6:50
And you’ve been up since 4

You’ve got stormy and rough weather
But the ship is rolling on
No post, no leave, no calls in UK seas!

Please don’t go, please don’t go,
I hate it when you’re away
please don’t go please don’t go,
don’t leave me for the RFA,!

Yes, I know, you have to leave
but i prefer you home

You’re chasing pirates sometimes towards the Gulf seas
Or the Caribbean drug patrols with the US navy
When the ships not sitting broken in dock
Meanwhile I’m missing you like crazy
Are you ever coming back?

Please don’t go, please don’t go,
Don’t leave me for the RFA,
please don’t go please don’t go,
I hate it when you’re away!

Yes, I know, why you have to leave
and I want you to know
I’m proud of your work in the RFA

The RFA stands for Royal Fleet Auxiliary and is kind of the a civilian branch of the Navy, although they don’t belong to the Navy. The official blurb is “The civilian-manned Royal Fleet Auxiliary delivers worldwide logistical and operational support for the wide range of tasks the Royal Navy undertakes including warfighting, counter-piracy, humanitarian and disaster relief, and counter-narcotics operations. ”

As you can guess my partner is a member of this organisation. I am very proud of them, but also miss them like crazy when they’re gone.


So, I survived. I’m guessing (and I know I may be making an assumption here) that if you’re reading this you did too!

My alarm didn’t go off this morning, which was a pain as I’ve decided that I am 1) going to try to keep a regular sleep schedule and 2) wanted to go to the 7am swimming session at the local baths. In a bid to improve my fitness and get me into good habits I have signed up for unlimited swimming for the next few months. I did the math and worked out that if I went swimming for the next 43 days (the summer holidays) it would cost me £167.70. Ouch. Instead I’ve paid for a monthly member ship which costs £14.25 for the first month and £28.50 for every month after, I can suspend it and cancel it after the first 3 months. That’s £71.25, a no brainer really, especially as it also gets me access to everything else. Paying for it like that also might make me go more as I’ve already technically paid for it, so it would be a waste of money.

I already know there will be some days when I can’t go, for example there will be three of four days when I can’t go but aside from that I have absolutely no life outside of cleaning my flat currently.

At least I can partially see the study floor now, some of these spaces haven’t seen the light of day for way too long. Tomorrow I plan on finishing up the study (possibly rearranging my desk and moving onto the bedroom. I have a floordrobe to tidy away.

I also need to touch base with my university and with my agencies and see whats going on with work and things for next year.

Have a great evening!

I Like

Currently on 80 reasons I like my partner. I could go on….

  1. I like your height
  2. I like your eyes
  3. I like that they change colour
  4. I like your ears
  5. I like your beard
  6. I like your moustache
  7. I like your hair, long or short.
  8. I like your voice
  9. I like tickling your feet.
  10. I like our wedding album
  11. I like your hands – especially with our ring
  12. I like your laugh
  13. I like your giggle (yes they are different)
  14. I like your pet names
  15. I like our happy jar
  16. I like our anniversary
  17. I like your pet names that you use when your exasperated with me
  18. I like that you save my name for precious moments as if it’s too special to be used all the time.
  19. I like your hugs.
  20. I like that you let me hold you for as long as I need
  21. I like our surprises
  22. I like our challenge coins
  23. I like your massages
  24. I like hanging out with you on hilltops admiring the view
  25. I like that you let me fall asleep on you
  26. I like it when you stroke my hair
  27. I like that when I say I suck, you say I don’t instantly, every time.
  28. I like that you tell me I’m worth everything.
  29. I like that you support me.
  30. I like you singing in the shower
  31. I like talking to you when you’re in the bath
  32. I like you sharing cat pictures with me
  33. I like you going googly-eyed over babies
  34. I like you singing to our songs
  35. I like playing Wii fit with you
  36. I like you waiting for me beside the door
  37. I like you coming to meet me at the car and carrying my bag because you know I’m tired from work
  38. I like rubbing my cheek against your hair when you’ve just cut it.
  39. I like that you calm me down
  40. I like it when you laugh at something randomly on your computer and scare me half to death because you have your headphones on and I can’t hear the comedy programme.
  41. I like dancing in the kitchen.
  42. I like your cocktails
  43. I like that you get me drunk sometimes
  44. I like your fashion sense
  45. I like your hats
  46. I like that you make me try new things
  47. I like that you try to teach me politics
  48. I like that you explain things to me
  49. I like watching mock the week with you
  50. I like watching University Challenge with you
  51. I like that you care about me when you’re not home.
  52. I like you acquiring episodes of Castle for us to watch.
  53. I like that you’re learning to be sneaky (in a good way)
  54. I like your snoring
  55. I like that you overheat
  56. I like the smell of your coffee
  57. I like that you’ll iron things for me.
  58. I like our crest collection
  59. I like our seal
  60. I like your cups of tea
  61. I like the hot chocolates you make me
  62. I like your cooking
  63. I like when I got fired we had a special ‘no job dessert’
  64. I like you drawing little pictures on my lunch box
  65. I like our letters
  66. I like our emails
  67. I like our phone calls
  68. I like the cat pictures we draw
  69. I like stalking you on AIS
  70. I like how you look in uniform
  71. I like how you look in a kilt
  72. I like knowing you’re at home
  73. I like you being proud of me
  74. I like being proud of you
  75. I like playing games with you
  76. I like reading with you
  77. I like you telling me that I’m beautiful
  78. I like telling you you’re beautiful
  79. I like how you support me.
  80. I like you telling me that you love me.
  81. I love you.


I have a to-do list today, things I need to get done, or would rather get done today.I’ve got a random day off because of staff training so I should really make the most of it.

My to do list

  1. Get shower
  2. Get dressed
  3. Breakfast
  4. Marking
  5. Laundry
  6. Lesson planning (year 7×2, year 8×2, year 9 x1, year 10×4, year 12×3)
  7. Dishwasher
  8. Mark BTEC work

I’ve achieved 2 things so far. Go me! I’ll cross things off as I get them done.

I like to-do lists, they help me see what I want to get done during the day. I best carry on.

update: 11:12 4 things!
15:25 5 things and a book read! + groceries!