Fifth week (fifth weigh in) 8.4.17

So, in case you’re wondering you’ve not gone mad and I can count. Last week I did not weigh in as I was away for the weekend.

I was determined –  DETERMINED to not gain and also to hit the stone mark. Well, it was hard work but I managed it! I’ve lost just over a stone (I lost 4.5 Lb) those who have been counting will know how much I’ve lost.

Alas, over the weekend the boys came over and what can I say, I rather spoilt myself Saturday and over ate! That did mean I managed to put 2lb on over one day.

Now one of my interim targets was to weigh less than 23stone so that I could finally play/exercise on my WII fit. I am really enjoying playing on it again although I think it’ll be a while before I am back up to doing the levels I used to.

This week I’d like to lose some more and keep heading over to my club 10% target we shall see!


Third week (Fourth weigh in) 25.03.17

I have had a bad week last week, I ate a lot of awfully ‘synful’ stuff. I can’t say I regret it (except the awful burger at the NEC  Weatherspoons – ultimate burger my pineapple!)

To say I wasn’t looking forward to getting to weigh in is a slight understatement. I was hoping to maintain or at least to have put only a little on. I lost 3lb! Very happy with that.

That brings my total up to 12, meaning I only have to lose another 2lb to have lost a stone of weight. Next weekend I can’t make my normal weigh in and because I’m so busy every other evening and daytime I can’t go to any others….so holiday time! With the 12 weeks free I get with my deal with the council I get 12 weeks for free at slimming world and also 2 holidays to use.

So, one holiday put in and now I can focus losing those few pounds.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about upping my physical activity. I tried doing more walking and running before and I was doing well but I kinda trailed off…

So, this morning I’ve downloaded zombies, run! 5k (a couch to 5k program) I’ve used the Zombies, Run! App before (which is free to download) but I decided I need to actually work up to running rather than just ‘walking with purpose’. I also realised I don’t own a pair of trainers so gave myself a small budget to get some running shoes an socks. At least now I have some decent footwear, well appropriate anyway. I also stopped by some charity shops in the local area and went tennis racket shopping. Less than £4 later I am the proud owner of two lightly used tennis rackets 😀 Alas most charity shops don’t have tennis balls due to people who have dogs buying them (apparently). The tennis balls cost me more than the darn rackets! I live walking distance from a  park with a tennis court so now all I have to do is kidna…..*persuade* my partner/other person to come play tennis with me!

Sounds doable right?

Second week (third weigh in) 18.03.17

Yeah, I know it’s Thursday the 23rd but I’ve had a bit of a hectic week, this is just a quick update! My third weigh in went a lot better than I expected. Friday was a bit of a bust, I bought a doughnut at the school I worked in (it was for charity!) – totally not worth it. Seriously if you’re going to spend the syns on a Jam doughnut get them fresh from Morrisons. Other places may do nicer other types of doughnut but Morrisons is IT for Jam ones.

Also, my poor partner brought home pizza and cheesy garlic bread which, to be fair, they didn’t bring me any. I just happened to eat half the cheesy garlic bread pizza at 16 syns a slice. So yeah, over 60 syns on Friday I wasn’t expecting good results for weight in Saturday.

I lost 2lb.


I also won slimmer of the week. (which included among other things a bag of misc syn free food. This is a lot


That means I only need to lose 5 more to have lost a stone. I will admit this week has been slightly off the rails so far but I’ll write about that another day!

cowboy hotpot 12.03.17

As I mentioned in a previous post I bought a couple of cookbooks from the Slimming world group I go to.

On Saturday I decided that this week we’re really going to try to cook meals from these two books and with some help from my partner put together a meal plan for the week.

As my partner is away for a course I was trying to find something that was easy too cook for me, and on page 32 of Family meals on a budget I found: Cowboy hotpot!

I won’t go through the ingredients and how to make it as I don’t want to get in trouble for copywrite and it’s not available for non-members on the website… but let me tell you it’s delicious and herby, tomatoey and full of beans. It was also my first experience with the slimming world sausages. I don’t think they’re as nice as the butchers own sausages that are my preferred from Tesco, but as they’re syn free I think I’ll cope in this.


What did surprise me is that it’s meant to be for 4 people with a side salad. You could quite easily feed 8 people with this I feel!  I’ve been a little greedy and I ate a rather large portion (not pictured above) to myself which would have probably fed two people but I didn’t have the salad. I did also eat the contents of the dish to the right for lunch today, but with a side salad it would have done two adults quite nicely. The dish on the left is going to go into the freezer for a day when I can’t be bothered anymore (or am broke)

Cost wise, I make it about £4.12 from Tesco for the ingredients and £3.00 for the six sausages. Divided by 8 that’s less than a pound per serving. I’d also like to point out here that part of that cost was a large bag of potatoes which didn’t all go into this dish, so it was probably cheaper than that.

The only change I made to the recipe was in regards to the sausages, I changed it from slicing them each into three to slicing them into about half cm slices. This meant I could enjoy more protein per bite.

Anyway, Cowboy hotpot – Delicious, filling and syn free! I recommend it!

(Excuse the pale potatoes, I was really hungry by this point and didn’t want to ‘brown them’ in the grill!)



First week (second weigh in) 11.03.17

Today was my second weigh in, or rather my first if you discount the initial one last week.

I’d tracked my food, counted my syns and still as I walked to the group session I felt panicked. I had to stop half way there, my breathing was labored – I couldn’t catch my breath and the edges of my vision went grey. The hell? I thought to myself as I leant against a handy bus stop. After breathing through my nose and managing to fill my lungs that way and a rather stern talking to (internally – don’t want people to think I’m mad as a box of frogs) I set off again.

As I got nearer to where the group meets I joined the people walking towards the 8:30am session and chatted to people. This made me feel better and breathing was better – so, armed with my leeks for the slimmer of the week basket (What? I like leeks!)  I headed in.

I was slightly early at 8:20 but after a couple of minutes and popping their head in from where they were inducting a new member the consultant let us start getting weighed in early. I was pleased to see the woman who started last week with me giving me a wave across the room and chatted to a couple of people in the line as we waited to get weighed.

I forgot to mention last time that slimmers world has gone digital with a membership card that contains all your details on it. Mine now says I have 10 sessions left, ten sessions to decide if I can afford to continue :-/ However, I’m not worrying about that yet.

You’re probably all wondering by now how I did on my weigh in? Well I’m pleased to say that I had lost 7lb (just over 3kg in new money). I was/am pleased but I’m not getting over excited because I know my weight goes up and down like a yoyo.

Had a wonder into the book section and bought myself a couple of the SW cook books ‘Family feasts on a budget‘ and ‘free & easy‘. I just need some inspiration to flick through when I’m meal planning (yes I’m aware I can get them online but it’s not the same!) Pleasantly surprised that both books came to under £10! I’ve added links to buy them from amazon but they’re not as cheap online as at your local club. So, at this point I realised that  I hadn’t gotten any raffle tickets (see last weeks post) turns out I’d misunderstood last week – you actually have to buy the raffle tickets. Ah well, I can’t really afford to be buying raffle tickets on top of everything else!

The meeting afterwards was nice, I can see how some people would not like it – it can be a little ‘give everyone a  round of applause’ but I like it and find it encouraging and leaves me enthused for the coming week. I also got my first certificate! 1/2 stone! The lady who joined last week also did really well and lost 1/2 a stone – however neither of us won slimmer of the week *boo* what can I say, those leeks did look tasty 😀

I also heard from across the room someone saying about ‘club 10’ – turns out this is when you lose 10% of your body weight. I have 27lb before I can join that particular club. Ah well.

My fave recipes from this week are as follows (please note if they won’t load up it may be because you have to log on):

Tangy grilled chicken Dijon style – Loved this, so simple and easy! red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, chicken. Wham together, grill in the oven. I had it with some pasta and some cold for lunch the next day. May add less red wine vinegar next time as it was a bit runny and I want more of a paste. The taste wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be which is nice as both red wine vinegar and dijon mustard are quite strong usually!

Adrakhwala chops (spiced pork chops) – I have to admit I left it to my partner to cook this. They and I agree that next time we’d not add the water and possibly grill rather than stew in the casserole dish to intensify the flavour. My partner also fried some shallots in frylite and made a carrot and cumin crush (like mash but no butter/milk etc) to go with it. I love pork chops so couldn’t really complain.

This week I have synned heavily on some days…there were roast potatoes on the Sunday, a rather nice cookie on Thursday and…a delicious cheeseburger on Friday. However, I never spent all of my 25 syns so I haven’t been that bad.  One of the things I did struggle with this week was snacking and lack of sweet things. So I bought some of the hi-fi lite bars (Salted caramel pack and also a rocky road pack) They came to £3.90 for two boxes of 6 at group and are 3 syns each or you can have 2 as a healthy extra B. I would have added amazon links again but they’re retailing for about £10 a box on there and to be frank that’s ridiculous!

This week I’ve got meals planned, my partner is away for part of the week so I’m cooking for myself. Good practice for when they’re away at sea I suppose.

Well, until next time!


New Start. 05.03.17

So, those who read this may have noticed a distinct lack of supply teaching posts from me recently.

This is mainly because I haven’t been getting up! I’ve had exactly 0 days work since January, the only time I got offered any was for a day they know I can’t work. *grumpy face*

Anyway, yesterday I went to a Slimmers world group for the first time since I was about 11. My mother used to take me when I was that age as I haven’t exactly been the slimmest person ever.

The council my home falls under runs a remedial weight loss program where if your BMI is over a certain amount then they will give you vouchers for 12 weeks membership for either weight watchers or Slimmers world. As the nurse actually has to  manually work out my BMI as I’m off the chart I figured I’d be eligible and after procrastinating for a while I took the plunge. Good job! After April the council are changing their policy/way of supporting obese people so I got in just in time.

So, I figured if I was going to go, I’d go on a Saturday morning, then at least it’d also have the advantage of getting me out of bed first thing on a weekend and I’d have the rest of the day to do things.

I wasn’t massively nervous about going, but I was a bit surprised how busy the very early session (8:30am) was! Must have been about 30-50 people coming through whilst I was there. Another lady was starting at the same time using the same program the council offer. We were popped into a room and brought a cuppa whilst the lady who runs the class cam to talk us through everything. There are a couple of changes from when I was younger, a lack of red and green days which is nice because I am a pasta fiend.

The introduction probably too about 30-40 minutes and due to the agreement you have with the council you have to attend the talk session afterwards too. As the introduction took the time we’d usually weigh in, we didn’t get weighed straight away but got ushered into some seat that had been kindly saved for us!

I was surprised to see a strip of raffle tickets on my seat. From what I can make out each week everyone brings a piece of syn free food(food that doesn’t cost you any of your ‘syn’ points) and they get put into a parcel for the slimmer of the week and the raffle winner. When you get weighed you get a strip of tickets and you get extra ones depending on how much you’ve lost.

The meeting (body image) session took over an hour and seems to be about people talking about what they’ve tried that week and what they’re going to do as well as generally giving people encouragement and congratulating people. We got introduced and clapped. It was nice to see a mixture of men and women there so I didn’t feel completely out-of-place! One bloke had his daughter happily playing on a tablet in the corner of the room whilst he attended.

At the end of the meeting the consultant gave out the slimmer of the week and also drew the raffle prize. I also did my weigh in, which was just over 24st (no surprise) and she asked me what I wanted to weigh. I think I surprised myself  and her by saying I’d like to weigh 12st. As I am so big she’s started me on 25syns a day (rather than 5-15) with an interim target of 23st – that’d be great as I can use my wifit again.

If you want to know how slimming world works (SW) I’d go along to a meeting or look at the website I’m far from an expert! However, I thought it’d be nice for me to keep track. Looking forward to sharing with you all how I’m doing at the end of the week.

Walk 02/04/16

Huh, no idea why the first part of my post was missing but I’ve rewritten it for you below.

I wasn’t going to go out today not with the rain and gloomy weather. However when the storm broke and the sun came out I couldn’t say no anymore.


Distance Time Calories
0.6 miles/0.9km
18 mins (slow) 106 cal

Yes that’s right I beat my previous walk!
I also realised i’d done you a disservice, not showing you ALL the amazing daffs around the park!

So as well as your traditional ones you have white with a yellow trumpet, which with an orange trumpet and bright yellow with loads of petals. Someone (the gardners) likes to keep them in neat sections which really highlights their differences.There were a couple more interesting things flower wise as i walked around the park. Daisys are always nice to look at, especially when they’ve escaped the lawnmower at the edges of the park.20160402_141543In a more shaded area of the park I was delighted to see some beautiful pale yellow primroses. These always remind me of my whildhood when we’d stay at a caravan park in the holidays called primrose valley. It’s still there I believe.
20160402_141028The concrete fence posts that run along the park are quite a mixture of old and new, the have a beautiful array of different lichens and moss growing on them. Now, you might think they’re not much to look at from a  distance. Close up though, ALIENS! (and I think, beautiful). I also found a bright yellow golf ball abandoned between the fence and pavement. I don’t really need a golf ball so I dropped it somewhere more likely to be found. Good luck golfball! I also spotted amongst the usual pidgeons and magpies, what I think was a male bullfinch. He had a black head with a white/pink body.In case you’re wondering why I was walking around the outside of the park the whole time…it’s because there is a shortcut back through it and I didn’t want to give myself temptation!Until next time!

CO2 Saved

Walk 29.03.16

I swore to myself yesterday that I would go for a walk this morning.
It felt like I walked for a little further than last time but according to walkit I walked the same distance, hence the similar stats. It probably felt longer because this way is up a slight incline, definitely needed some deep breaths after it.

I am so unfit 😥

So statistics:

Distance Time Calories
0.4 miles/0.7km
14 mins (slow) 81 cal
CO2 Saved
0.04 kg train
0.14 kg car
0.1 kg bus

It was beautiful weather out and the park did not disappoint! Beautiful daffs!
I didn’t get to use any of the gym equipment I wanted to as it was soaking wet, I will have to remember to bring a towel next time.


I did use a piece where you stand on a metal plate that can rotate and hold onto a bar and twist? I’m sure someone out there can tell me what it’s called!

Walk 20.03.16

I was inspired by Jo Brand on her sport relief challenge when she walked the trans-pennine trail in 7 days! If she can do it, maybe I can – although without the personal team of medics, trainer I may perhaps do it at a slower pace!

This was just a little walk today, I’m recovering from a cold that had me laid up for a couple of days this week, so taking it easy was on the books.

I’ve started using walkit so I can keep track of how far I went.

So statistics:

Distance Time Calories
0.4 miles/0.7km/980 steps
 13 mins (slow)  78 cal
CO2 Saved
0.04 kg train
0.14 kg car
0.1 kg bus

Well, not bad for a start! Not quite the 21 miles Jo brand was doing but I’ll get there 🙂

The park I walked through also has an outside gym, I’ve noticed a few parks and schools having these installed recently – you can see if there’s one near you by clicking here

So, add 30 leg presses to the walk which I think migh be about 31 cal…not that I’m actually counting the calories so much.

The park was really busy, when I approached the gym part I was a bit put off because of all the teenage groups there. However, then I got a grip and went to the equipment I wanted to use. Most of the teenagers there were just hanging out, using the equipment or basketball court, some even had younger siblings or parents with them. No issues!