How the sea cadets is helping me with my fear of heights…

So, I may not have mentioned before how I volunteer for the Sea Cadet Corps. I enjoy it, obviously or I wouldn’t do it.

Gods, it can be challenging and maddening and stretches your patience. However, it challenges me and that’s something I’m after. I didn’t have the greatest start but after a change of unit (there are many units around the country) things clicked in to place.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering about the title of this post. I was asked to become the store keeper at my unit. Sure, said I. Cheerfully going to the tiny store-room – where are the rest of the uniforms?

Well to cut a long story short imagine a very rickety looking ladder leading up to an attic. I am not the lightest of people, I also dislike heights (long story, geology field trip accident, I’ll go into it in a few years perhaps) The ladder flexes and groans as I step on to it. Heart in my mouth I climb repeating the mantra ‘I saw so and so (who is bigger than me) climb this ladder, I saw so and so climb this ladder’

I reached the top. Promptly smacked my head on the thankfully padded ceiling at the top. I think since that day I’ve been up and down that ladder about 40 times. Now, the step down, there I’m going from the flat floor to the ladder and searching with my foot for that first rung, is the only part that causes me fright.

I tried to avoid going up and down at first then realised it was affecting my stores keeping, gave myself a stern talking to, put on my adult pants and just got on with it.

In my everyday life I don’t climb ladders. Eventually, like all fears that you are repeatedly exposed to, the fear will fade and the ladder won’t scare me anymore.  I don’t think I would have ever realised my dislike of heights extended to ladders, nor would I have (almost) overcome it without the SCC.



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