Eating a Pomegranate

So for the first time I ate pomegranate!

I’ve always wondered what pomegranate tasted like, my mother told me once it was her favourite fruits but has never had the chance to show me how to eat one.

So, as I’m trying to eat healthier I decided that I’d try new things and there I was stood in Lidl and there was a pomegranate sitting there. Into my basket it went.

Have to admit I was a little nervous, what if it tasted horrible? What if I’d wasted my money?

So, I typed in ‘how to eat a pomegranate’ and clicked on the first video that came up – This one. It was fairly simple to do in the end.


Firstly I cut out a cone from the top of the pomegranate.  As you can see I wasn’t as neat and nicked a couple of the seeds with my knife – if your knife skills are better than mine you shouldn’t get that red staining. I also sliced off the bottom


Score along the ridges of the pomegranate, but not too deep of your pomegranate is going to bleed!


Teacherwashere SMASH!


How beautiful are these little gems?


I ate them with the seeds in and the taste was unexpected! A very sharp almost cranberry taste. Really good for a tiny acidic fruit hit and surprisingly theraputic picking out the seeds.

Until next time!


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