Fifth week (fifth weigh in) 8.4.17

So, in case you’re wondering you’ve not gone mad and I can count. Last week I did not weigh in as I was away for the weekend.

I was determined –  DETERMINED to not gain and also to hit the stone mark. Well, it was hard work but I managed it! I’ve lost just over a stone (I lost 4.5 Lb) those who have been counting will know how much I’ve lost.

Alas, over the weekend the boys came over and what can I say, I rather spoilt myself Saturday and over ate! That did mean I managed to put 2lb on over one day.

Now one of my interim targets was to weigh less than 23stone so that I could finally play/exercise on my WII fit. I am really enjoying playing on it again although I think it’ll be a while before I am back up to doing the levels I used to.

This week I’d like to lose some more and keep heading over to my club 10% target we shall see!


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