Third week (Fourth weigh in) 25.03.17

I have had a bad week last week, I ate a lot of awfully ‘synful’ stuff. I can’t say I regret it (except the awful burger at the NEC  Weatherspoons – ultimate burger my pineapple!)

To say I wasn’t looking forward to getting to weigh in is a slight understatement. I was hoping to maintain or at least to have put only a little on. I lost 3lb! Very happy with that.

That brings my total up to 12, meaning I only have to lose another 2lb to have lost a stone of weight. Next weekend I can’t make my normal weigh in and because I’m so busy every other evening and daytime I can’t go to any others….so holiday time! With the 12 weeks free I get with my deal with the council I get 12 weeks for free at slimming world and also 2 holidays to use.

So, one holiday put in and now I can focus losing those few pounds.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about upping my physical activity. I tried doing more walking and running before and I was doing well but I kinda trailed off…

So, this morning I’ve downloaded zombies, run! 5k (a couch to 5k program) I’ve used the Zombies, Run! App before (which is free to download) but I decided I need to actually work up to running rather than just ‘walking with purpose’. I also realised I don’t own a pair of trainers so gave myself a small budget to get some running shoes an socks. At least now I have some decent footwear, well appropriate anyway. I also stopped by some charity shops in the local area and went tennis racket shopping. Less than £4 later I am the proud owner of two lightly used tennis rackets 😀 Alas most charity shops don’t have tennis balls due to people who have dogs buying them (apparently). The tennis balls cost me more than the darn rackets! I live walking distance from a  park with a tennis court so now all I have to do is kidna…..*persuade* my partner/other person to come play tennis with me!

Sounds doable right?


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