Second week (third weigh in) 18.03.17

Yeah, I know it’s Thursday the 23rd but I’ve had a bit of a hectic week, this is just a quick update! My third weigh in went a lot better than I expected. Friday was a bit of a bust, I bought a doughnut at the school I worked in (it was for charity!) – totally not worth it. Seriously if you’re going to spend the syns on a Jam doughnut get them fresh from Morrisons. Other places may do nicer other types of doughnut but Morrisons is IT for Jam ones.

Also, my poor partner brought home pizza and cheesy garlic bread which, to be fair, they didn’t bring me any. I just happened to eat half the cheesy garlic bread pizza at 16 syns a slice. So yeah, over 60 syns on Friday I wasn’t expecting good results for weight in Saturday.

I lost 2lb.


I also won slimmer of the week. (which included among other things a bag of misc syn free food. This is a lot


That means I only need to lose 5 more to have lost a stone. I will admit this week has been slightly off the rails so far but I’ll write about that another day!


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