cowboy hotpot 12.03.17

As I mentioned in a previous post I bought a couple of cookbooks from the Slimming world group I go to.

On Saturday I decided that this week we’re really going to try to cook meals from these two books and with some help from my partner put together a meal plan for the week.

As my partner is away for a course I was trying to find something that was easy too cook for me, and on page 32 of Family meals on a budget I found: Cowboy hotpot!

I won’t go through the ingredients and how to make it as I don’t want to get in trouble for copywrite and it’s not available for non-members on the website… but let me tell you it’s delicious and herby, tomatoey and full of beans. It was also my first experience with the slimming world sausages. I don’t think they’re as nice as the butchers own sausages that are my preferred from Tesco, but as they’re syn free I think I’ll cope in this.


What did surprise me is that it’s meant to be for 4 people with a side salad. You could quite easily feed 8 people with this I feel!  I’ve been a little greedy and I ate a rather large portion (not pictured above) to myself which would have probably fed two people but I didn’t have the salad. I did also eat the contents of the dish to the right for lunch today, but with a side salad it would have done two adults quite nicely. The dish on the left is going to go into the freezer for a day when I can’t be bothered anymore (or am broke)

Cost wise, I make it about £4.12 from Tesco for the ingredients and £3.00 for the six sausages. Divided by 8 that’s less than a pound per serving. I’d also like to point out here that part of that cost was a large bag of potatoes which didn’t all go into this dish, so it was probably cheaper than that.

The only change I made to the recipe was in regards to the sausages, I changed it from slicing them each into three to slicing them into about half cm slices. This meant I could enjoy more protein per bite.

Anyway, Cowboy hotpot – Delicious, filling and syn free! I recommend it!

(Excuse the pale potatoes, I was really hungry by this point and didn’t want to ‘brown them’ in the grill!)




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