OOF Sunday treat

Today is Sunday and my partner is off down south for a course. ‘Let’s go out for Sunday dinner before I go’ they say.

Now, they did want to go to the local pub but I looked at the menu and there were a lot of ‘honey glazed’ this and ‘deep fried’ that with ‘mashed’ other. Now I could sit down and work out every syn for every part and to be quite frank with you I couldn’t be bothered today.

So instead I asked if we could go to the Toby Carvery nearby, there was a slightly grumpyness at this but *shrugs*

Anyways I had the king size and trimmings, should point out at this point I gave one of my Yorkshire puddings and the sausages to my partner though so don’t stress out about that!

sunday lunch

So according to my working:

Carrots = free (speedfood)

Cabbage (red and normal) = Free (speedfood)

Peas = Free

All meat had the fat trimmed off – pork,beef,turkey = free.

Gravy 1 portion = 1syn

Onion in gravy = 0.5 syn

Yorkshire pudding (I gave one to partner) = 4.5 syns

Roast potatoes x 3 = 2 syn per potato so 6 syns.

and a nice pepsie max (0 syn) so all in all 12 syns.

Doable if you’re on 15 syns a day, I think I’d be tempted next time to splash out and have another yorkshire pudding and some mashed potato but I’m pleased that I am under syns for the day. I have something nice planned for dinner and nothing else with syns planned for the day so we’ll see how it goes.





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