New Start. 05.03.17

So, those who read this may have noticed a distinct lack of supply teaching posts from me recently.

This is mainly because I haven’t been getting up! I’ve had exactly 0 days work since January, the only time I got offered any was for a day they know I can’t work. *grumpy face*

Anyway, yesterday I went to a Slimmers world group for the first time since I was about 11. My mother used to take me when I was that age as I haven’t exactly been the slimmest person ever.

The council my home falls under runs a remedial weight loss program where if your BMI is over a certain amount then they will give you vouchers for 12 weeks membership for either weight watchers or Slimmers world. As the nurse actually has to  manually work out my BMI as I’m off the chart I figured I’d be eligible and after procrastinating for a while I took the plunge. Good job! After April the council are changing their policy/way of supporting obese people so I got in just in time.

So, I figured if I was going to go, I’d go on a Saturday morning, then at least it’d also have the advantage of getting me out of bed first thing on a weekend and I’d have the rest of the day to do things.

I wasn’t massively nervous about going, but I was a bit surprised how busy the very early session (8:30am) was! Must have been about 30-50 people coming through whilst I was there. Another lady was starting at the same time using the same program the council offer. We were popped into a room and brought a cuppa whilst the lady who runs the class cam to talk us through everything. There are a couple of changes from when I was younger, a lack of red and green days which is nice because I am a pasta fiend.

The introduction probably too about 30-40 minutes and due to the agreement you have with the council you have to attend the talk session afterwards too. As the introduction took the time we’d usually weigh in, we didn’t get weighed straight away but got ushered into some seat that had been kindly saved for us!

I was surprised to see a strip of raffle tickets on my seat. From what I can make out each week everyone brings a piece of syn free food(food that doesn’t cost you any of your ‘syn’ points) and they get put into a parcel for the slimmer of the week and the raffle winner. When you get weighed you get a strip of tickets and you get extra ones depending on how much you’ve lost.

The meeting (body image) session took over an hour and seems to be about people talking about what they’ve tried that week and what they’re going to do as well as generally giving people encouragement and congratulating people. We got introduced and clapped. It was nice to see a mixture of men and women there so I didn’t feel completely out-of-place! One bloke had his daughter happily playing on a tablet in the corner of the room whilst he attended.

At the end of the meeting the consultant gave out the slimmer of the week and also drew the raffle prize. I also did my weigh in, which was just over 24st (no surprise) and she asked me what I wanted to weigh. I think I surprised myself  and her by saying I’d like to weigh 12st. As I am so big she’s started me on 25syns a day (rather than 5-15) with an interim target of 23st – that’d be great as I can use my wifit again.

If you want to know how slimming world works (SW) I’d go along to a meeting or look at the website I’m far from an expert! However, I thought it’d be nice for me to keep track. Looking forward to sharing with you all how I’m doing at the end of the week.


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