Waiting for the call – aha! Beat my newsagents opening again! It may seem strange “if you know their opening times then you should just need to get up before then” Thing is they don’t really have a set opening time. I’ve lived here about 3-4 years and all I’ve managed to ever work out is that they’re open between 6:20 and 6:55am.

Tutoring is picking up, I have about 5 students now which is nearing my max number of 7. I could have more if I opened up my saturday but I am loath to do that for a couple of reasons. Mostly it’s because I do courses on some weekends and there’s nothing more annoying than having to skip sessions or try to rearrange them.. Speaking of which I have an amazing course to attend the end of Feb, very excited – it’s all about the weather and I’ll be travelling up to Scotland!

Just sent out an email to *all* my tutees about Feb half term and, because that course is the week after about rearranging sessions and any extra sessions they may want. It was harder than I thought although it was strange, in a nice way, to be emailing all these people who I tutor. Feels good to see my business growing and as it does I can relax a fraction about money. Getting the full load of tutees would be amazing, but the two slots I have left are both on a friday night so on one hand MONIES….on the other hand WHOOPWHOOPFRIDAYS. Swings and roundabouts eh?

I’m hoping to hear back from my accountant soon….something along the lines of ‘government owes you shed loads of money’ would be great right now. I think if I got a tax rebate I’d upgrade my computer. Don’t laugh but right now my home PC is on VISTA – yeah yeah, get the giggles out of your system. Thing is I like VISTA, I’m comfortable with it in a way I can’t seem to get with my Windows 10 Laptop. Perhaps it’s because I’ve used it for almost a decade and i just need to get used to a newer OS again. My home PC is called NAMMU and I do adore it and it’s dual screen setup. Then again (Mazu) my laptop is pretty awesome and good for taking to uni. I find though when I’m at home I prefer the PC.

Hmmm things I would buy with a tax rebate….say if it was about 400/500 pounds.
Sadly I’d probably be sensible and put it in my savings account for the car tax/insurance that will be coming up in oh three or four months..but if I DIDN’t have to do that…

1) Upgrade PC
2) Treat my partner
3) fix some minor things on my car
4) attend a convention
5) Pay for a years swimming membership so I could go when I wanted

Huh. I had to really think about that list to make it more than three things. I guess at the moment I’m feeling pretty fulfilled with life at the moment. Sure there are lots of silly things I could spend money on but seeing as it’s a bit of a squeeze at the moment that is not going to happen. Saying that I did buy a whole cake yesterday :-/ it was a SMALL cake. Barely the size of my head! I bought a whole cake but I’m pleased to say I didn’t eat the whole things – I just haven’t had cake in so long I was craving it.

Rumour is we’re going to have snow this weekend. That’ll be a laugh!
Until Monday!


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