Time: 06:36

Well good morning there!

It’s completely pitch black out of my window at this time on a morning , not surprising in the winter. However, if you look closely you can see the lights of my neighbours across the road, looks like I’m not the only one awake. I’ve beaten the newsagents up today though 😀

Leading on from my last post I decided I would try to do my coin jar challenge. It’s going to be difficult because I used to use my tutoring money to fill the jar and now I need to use that money to fill my car….and me….and my savings account to pay for car insurance etc.

This week has been interesting – the first time in a long time I’ve started taking bank payments for tutoring. Which has helped my poor bank balance look a bit healthier.

Interesting works, two new tutees starting this week. I was actually pleasantly surprised to receive a text from someone I tutored before. Sometimes no matter how hard me and the kid try they just don’t do well on the exams, this happened and they moved onto BTEC. I always feel bad but the family didn’t blame me which I appreciate because sometimes they do! Anyway, they’d like me to just give then a hand with their last few months of BTEC, I’ve said yes conditional on what units they needs help with! The other one is actually one who’s found me by themselves no parental involvement as of yet, although we’ll see – I don’t consider them as serious students until they’ve paid for my details on tutorhunt. I hasten to add I haven’t just been randomly picking students up, I use tutorhunt although there’s always my website as well.

If I do get two extra students that would ease things  a lot financially – it’d essentially double my weekly income from tutoring. We shall see! (P.S. I am also registered self-employed and pay my darned taxes because I’m law-abiding citizen)


I’ve always been a bg fan of David Weber’s Honor Harrington series (start with the first book here). Imagine my delight when I discovered there’s an entire fan club devoted to it 😀 The Royal Manticorian Navy (TRMN.org) for all those Honor Harrington fans out there. You progress by taking exams and getting promoted and so far I’ve been doing Xenobiology and hydroponics because I’m more interested in the Civilian life than the military side of things. Any who, nice bunch of people as well 🙂

I had a bit of luck recently, I won £100 as a gift voucher. I was delighted although I’m not sure I spent it in the way some would! I bought an Amazon echo dot, a pair of jeans (I had just worn through my last pair and was stressed out about having only work trousers to wear), a book on clouds, a storage system for some bits that have been loose and bugging me, another book about clouds and a book called ‘red rising‘.

Thanks to sharing my partner’s amazon prime account (you can share your prime account with members of the same household) most of my items came the next day 😀 I’m just waiting on the storage system now and I’ll have some nice neat organisation in my life (hahahaha)

07:52  I have lots of stuff I should be doing whilst waiting for ‘the call’ I should be working on a job application, I could be doing some craftwork or tidying. In about 10 mins I’ll wake my partner up and have some breakfast (crumpets are on the menu this morning yum) *puts head on desk* I’d LOVE to go back to bed, but I need to get out of the habit of doing that. Need to get used to early morningzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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