Time: 07:02

Good morning everyone! It’s Thursday which means up and waiting for the call again. I’ve been up since about 6:30, checked my emails and also responded to some tutoring enquiries.

Meanwhile, I know some people find it annoying but I really see the Facebook ‘memories’ feature with a blend of facepalm and laughter. It’s quite funny seeing old pictures and posts but it can also be quite ‘arghIcan’tbelieveIwrotethat’ seriously, I must have gone through a facebook = twitter stage. Then again this may have been before twitter was a really big thing… or at least before I’d heard of tweeting other than in reference to the birds that lived outside my room at uni.

I have some decisions to make at the end of this week, as an added treat to myself I decided this week is a ‘relaxed’ week so I haven’t really done anything. it’s been quite surreal. I did my exams at uni before christmas so no revision for exam week next week, I haven’t officially got my thesis so no pressure there.

Also I didn’t renew my contract on my long-term supply job… Yes you heard me right. They really wanted me to stay. They offered me half days, they offered me less days and I was -so- tempted. Wonderful school, wonderful staff, mostly wonderful students but I swear to gods I couldn’t take another minute of the BTEC course.  Partially it’s my fault I didn’t spot the irritating flaws in the assignment brief before teaching it and I assumed too much about my students skill levels. I suspect if it hadn’t been for the BTEC I would have stayed. I still have to go back because, like the plonker I am, I forgot to return my library books AND my secret santa present! and I suppose I might as well return my parking pass and encrypted USB stick. I may keep my lanyard though in case I’m asked to do a days supply. I have quite the collection now!

I did indeed feel nervous about losing the regular income, however, I talked it over with my partner (after all it’s them who foots the bills so it would have been a bit unfair not to) and felt it was the best thing for me at the moment. Also, I have been able to take on some extra tutoring so I’m not exactly destitute.

So decisions:

1) Coin jar? Am I going to do my infamous coin jar? If I were I think I’d do it backwards…so technically already behind :-/
2) Am I going to carry on job hunting or just focus on what I have at the moment?
3) Am I ever going to finish my NHS job application? I really should as it was the whole point of the masters but I’m leaning towards PHD…. however partner has requested I get an actual job which I can hardly blame them for so I should at least finish it!
4) Am I going to go through my clothes and have a bit of a sort out? I currently take up one and a half wardrobes (out of 3 and a half) and four drawers so I really should and try to make some cash!

07:42 I think I’m going to go do some work elsewhere. Until Monday!


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