Time: 6:56

Well here we are again

It’s always such a pleasure….

So new year! I’ve been a bit quiet since august, which is usual for me when I’ve got a long-term contract. A bit hard to write about the long wait for the early morning phone call when I’m already at work!

I hope all my readers had an excellent and safe new year and christmas?

Anyhow, this term I’m back on day-to-day. I turned down an extension on my term-long contract (I’m mad I know) but to be honest combined with the masters I was doing plus the private tutoring it was driving me around the twist. Strangely enough it wasn’t the students. the staff or the school but the marking! BTEC marking is enough to try anyone’s patience and to be quite frank I did my time and no more thank you!

I did spend a good portion of christmas thinking ‘oh gods why did I turn the hours down’ the wage to be frank would have been good. However, not working the three days a week will mean I can focus on the masters and means I’ve been able to take on extra tutees so swings and roundabouts.

I wonder if I should bother getting dressed today. Well, by today I mean this morning of course I’m going to get dressed -today- *shifty eyes*


Meanwhile I’ve started some job applications and I can feel a headache coming along nicely. My kind wonderful partner got up with me and after I gave them porridge kindly made me a cup of tea. The porridge is irritating my stomach now though so I’m wondering if it was a fair trade :-/
No calls yet (obviously) and the chat on the supply teacher network is a bit quiet so I reckon a lot of people are calling it a day (if they got up at all) I think I’m going to climb back into bed and read before catching up on my z’s!


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