Receipt hog vs. Shopprize vs. ClickSnap.

As you’ve probably guessed from the title today’s post is all about Receipt Hog, Shopprize and ClickSnap. These three apps give you points/cash for uploading pictures of your receipts and as we all know, points mean prizes.

Let’s start with Receipt hog;

I love the layout of this app with its cute little pig logo and bright colour scheme. It does seem to take forever to get coins though. I have had this app since the end of February and I have earned 792 coins (coins are how they represent points). The amount of coins you earn depends on how much you’ve spent and also where you’ve spent it. So some shops don’t redeem for coins, they redeem for ‘spins’ and every valid receipt gets you a sweepstake entry.
Okay, deep breaths and let me start that again.
Three ways to win
1) Coins which can be redeemed for cash of Amazon voucher
2) Spins where you get to have a go on a slot machine in app

3) Sweepstake entry, which you get free with every valid receipt and drawn once a month.

The lowest redeem for coins is 1,000 for which you get £3 PayPal credit or if Amazon vouchers are your thing it’s 1,500 coins for a £5 voucher. I get the feeling it’s going to be a while before I get a voucher from this L I should mention you are also limited to earning 100 coins a week, after that limit you will get 5 coins per receipt regardless of how much you have spent, Also you are limited to 20 receipts per week. As receipt hog accepts receipts that are up to two weeks old though I wouldn’t stress too much about this limit. The spin prizes are quite interesting, you can win from 2 coins, your last shopping trip paid for, £66, 4,000 coins – it is quite random. Sadly since they updated the app I don’t seem to win anything on the slots anymore – but I could just be unlucky!

I almost forgot to mention the levels! Like in a game you level up when you have ‘fed your hog’ as far as I can tell it doesn’t matter how much you have fed him, just as long as you have done so regularly. I wasn’t overly fussed about this as when you level up you get ‘spins’ and, well, see above for my feelings about that. However, it has been pointed out to me that once you get to level 12 things start to get very interesting. When you hit level 12 you get a bonus of, not spins, but 100 coins and the higher levels you hit the more coin bonus you get culminating, as far as I can tell, at level 30 with 430 coins.

Cute and easy to use but a very slow earner. The recent update has made the upload process much quicker as it now only asks who went on the trip and if they enjoyed it. Don’t forget to feed your hog every week!

Referral code:
You can refer up to 20 friends and you will receive 10 spins, they will receive 5 spins (as long as they upload a receipt!) My referral code is: wik57947

Shopprize is a different kettle of fish.

The basic premise is the same, you upload receipts in exchange for a reward, and in this case every receipt gains you 100 coins. There is a limit on how many receipts you can upload in a day, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is, I know there is one though as I have hit it before (I think it’s 6?). As receipts are valid for three days, if you hit your limit one day just wait till the next day to scan them in.

They also have a daily bonus where all you have to do is load up the app and you are given a certain number of coins; it starts at 5 and goes up to 125. That amount of coins for free, just for remembering to open the app every day seems a good deal to me.  Android users only and UK users only, it’s run by Nielsen Panel so it’s got a trustworthy name behind it at least!

Shopprize’s main thing are sweepstakes, I can see right now four, a Decker corded grass strimmer (155 coins per entry), handheld vacuum cleaner (120 coins per entry), DSLR and Laptop backpack (140 coins per entry) and a pair of Bluetooth sports headphones (70 coins per entry). None of these are particularly tempting to me, but the prizes change enough there are always things coming and going. I have entered sweepstakes before but then I realised I’d much rather have an Amazon voucher and I was spending my coins on sweepstakes rather than saving the 7,500 coins for a £5 Amazon voucher.

That many coins seems a lot but they do really build up quickly, I’ve been a member since April and have earned 3 Amazon vouchers, that’s £15 essentially in 4 months, which for something that’s fairly easy to do ‘take picture of receipt’, ‘accept coins’ I think is pretty good.
Much as I adore Shopprize there are some things I don’t like, I don’t like that there isn’t a way to complain if a receipt has been rejected (I had one rejected for being blurry when it was upside-down not blurry), the FAQ requires some serious work as it doesn’t answer basic questions such as ‘how many receipts can I upload in a day’ or ‘what do the levels mean’. I also dislike the fact that their website has never loaded for me, it looks odd if nothing else.  I wonder if perhaps the newest version of their app fixes some of these bugbears but alas I won’t find out for a while as it’s incompatible with my phone 😥

It would also be nice if there were rewards for a higher level of points, at the moment you can spend 7,500 coins for a £5 Amazon voucher. That’s it. It would be great if at say, 14,000 coins you could get a £10 voucher. Ah well, perchance to dream

Very easy to use, watch your camerawork. Quick earner, wish I could use the new app!

Referral code:
You can refer friends and receive 1000 coins (as long as they upload a receipt!) My referral code is: xnjvc



This one is different to Shopprize and ReceiptHog in a couple of ways. Firstly your receipts only count if they come from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons, Aldi or Lidl. Secondly this is cashback on certain items, so for example a couple of days ago I bought a 2ltr bottle of Pepsi max, scanned the receipt in and I’ll get 20p cashback. If nothing on your receipt gets cashback you can still get 1p and an entry into the £100 Amazon giftcard draw.

You have 7 days to upload your receipt and only 3 receipts per date can be uploaded. ClickSnap is run by Quidco so you will need a Quidco account to use it (and if you haven’t got one it is so worth it, sign up here)

The process is a bit more involved than the other receipt apps, you have to select your shop, select your date, select which offers your redeeming and how many times (some of them are limited in how many times you can claim per receipt, the information is in the terms and conditions) then you take your picture, then you upload it. Then you can forget about it as it takes up to 14 days to confirm. I’ve found my penny claims to be a big quicker than this but they do say 14 days.

So far on this app I’ve made 50p. I’d say 40p of that was from buying two bottles of Pepsi, so 10p from other receipts, my main problem is simply I don’t buy what’s on cashback offer! I’d have so much coconut milk drinks and yoghurt if I did 😀

Does what it says on the tin, a slow burner but might as well whilst doing others. You will need a Quidco account.

Referral code:
ClickSnap itself doesn’t have a referral code; instead you can sign up to Quidco using my referral link. You’ve probably seen it throughout the ClickSnap part of this post. When making a referral link you can choose to give people a proportion of your bonus, so, when you signup using my link you get a bonus in your account.

This is my link in case you haven’t spotted any of the others.


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