19/04/16 teaching and learning

My life is pretty busy as far as the average week goes. My week starts on a Tuesday, with classes at university, last semester they were on a Monday and Tuesday – I go part time, so half the amount of units in a year and theoretically half the amount of work.

It’s true, however, I do the course part time because 1) I couldn’t afford the fees for a full time year and 2) If I was at university full time I couldn’t afford to eat, or do anything, including traveling to uni.

After lectures on a Tuesday I travel through rush hour to tutor a highschooler science, the travel is a pain but I’ve had her almost a year now and I’m not giving up on her. I leave my house at typically 8:30am and get home around 8:30pm

Wednesday is hard, I do supply teaching and I have a long term contract with a school that on a good day is a 30 minute drive – assuming I set off at 6:40am. That’s the sweet spot traffic wise, for some reason if I leave at 6:45am it’s a 45 minute drive. i get to work at around 7:10 am and begin my work for the day. This consists of printing any resources for the day, making sure I book any practicals I need for the week after and doing my marking. I have a fairly light timetable, because they know I only get these two days to do work for them. However inevitably I’ll get cover, so slowly my ‘free’ periods get eroded, meaning I get behind on everything else. This is why I don’t check my emails until my printing is done for the morning. if I have no email by 8:30am I can cheer, I’m off the hook for the day. I’m attached to a year group to help with assembly, mainly little needed crowd control. Then I got back and mark until 4:15. After that I drive to another tutee and tutor her for A-level. I get home around 6:30-7pm, not quite 12 hours but close.

Thursday is similar setting of at 6:40am, I typically get home for 45 mins then head out at 6:30pm to help with my local sea cadet unit, I say help. I mean teach – that 45 mins I’m at home? It’s spent wrestling with my printer and sorting out what I’m actually going to go over with them. I’ll get home from there about 9:30.

Friday is the first (and every so often only) day of my weekend. it’s usually spent doing laundry or sorting out my paperwork. I also do some work online so I’ll spend time sorting out that.

Sometimes I’ll do a training course over the weekend but typically I’m so bushed I’ll sleep till I wake up Saturday and Sunday, if I haven’t already it will be a case of doing groceries and laundry and trying to clean just a little bit more of my house.

Monday, anything I didn’t do the other ‘free’ days. I also have a knitting club I run after 5, and sometimes a club I attend.

Heh. Pretty busy eh? I can imagine there are people out there who do many more things than me over a week, over a month day after day after day.  Hat’s off to you busy people. Hats off.

I think if I could start again I would delay my course for a year, at least then I’d be eligible for the masters loan coming in September. I’m not because even though I’ll have to pay my fees again I’m not a new student so get zilch. Also because in my undergrad I didn’t do so well I’m not eligible for a lot of the grants etc. There are some I can apply for, especially now I’m doing well on my course. I’ve found a couple, but they’re pretty niche! Definitely check out findamasters.

The balance is hard, I need to start using my Friday or Monday to do more work towards my exam otherwise I will never get this damn essay question down. It’s a seen exam, with one question, for three hours. Help. *cries*

Any questions? Post them below..




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