Another site I like to use when I’m not teaching is, they’re a little like a survey site: except I’ve never been part way through and then kicked out of a study on there.

Basically when a researcher from a university wants participants for their survey or research piece, rather than bugging people in the streets they register on here and the site matches them up with people who meet their criteria.

There is always a cash incentive, the highest amount I’ve received myself was £5, the lowest 35p. The cash out minimum is £5, which isn’t too bad to get to. You can choose to have PayPal or to have the money paid to a charity. I have to admit that I have never used the charity option so I couldn’t tell you much about it!

The best thing to do with this site is to register, fill in any prescreening questions and let it mosey along in the back ground. I don’t get tonnes of studies from this; I signed up in November and have done 31 studies. Two of these studies I had to pull out form (which was a shame as one was £10!) when I realised that I didn’t actually match the criteria.  Overall I’ve made £34.90, a nice little amount; I’d say definitely enough for a few pizzas on treat night!
If you’re a researcher who uses my referral code for a £50 study you’ll get £10 to run your first study (check the terms and conditions on the website first in case this offer is out of date!)

Overall I find the site very easy to use and they haven’t messed me around, both points in their favour!

Have you used prolific academic? What do you think?


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