Walk 02/04/16

Huh, no idea why the first part of my post was missing but I’ve rewritten it for you below.

I wasn’t going to go out today not with the rain and gloomy weather. However when the storm broke and the sun came out I couldn’t say no anymore.


Distance Time Calories
0.6 miles/0.9km
18 mins (slow) 106 cal

Yes that’s right I beat my previous walk!
I also realised i’d done you a disservice, not showing you ALL the amazing daffs around the park!

So as well as your traditional ones you have white with a yellow trumpet, which with an orange trumpet and bright yellow with loads of petals. Someone (the gardners) likes to keep them in neat sections which really highlights their differences.There were a couple more interesting things flower wise as i walked around the park. Daisys are always nice to look at, especially when they’ve escaped the lawnmower at the edges of the park.20160402_141543In a more shaded area of the park I was delighted to see some beautiful pale yellow primroses. These always remind me of my whildhood when we’d stay at a caravan park in the holidays called primrose valley. It’s still there I believe.
20160402_141028The concrete fence posts that run along the park are quite a mixture of old and new, the have a beautiful array of different lichens and moss growing on them. Now, you might think they’re not much to look at from a  distance. Close up though, ALIENS! (and I think, beautiful). I also found a bright yellow golf ball abandoned between the fence and pavement. I don’t really need a golf ball so I dropped it somewhere more likely to be found. Good luck golfball! I also spotted amongst the usual pidgeons and magpies, what I think was a male bullfinch. He had a black head with a white/pink body.In case you’re wondering why I was walking around the outside of the park the whole time…it’s because there is a shortcut back through it and I didn’t want to give myself temptation!Until next time!

CO2 Saved

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