Swagbucks 28/03/16



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So, I logged on this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see my swagbucks account had got 1,001 ‘swagbucks’(SB’s) the reason this makes me happy is because it’s 999 for a £5 PayPal voucher. Yay! £5 for nothing! There are lots of rewards to choose from.

Yeah…. Let’s not get too excited. Nothing isn’t quite the right word. Nothing –financially- to get the points. However, there are a lot of clicks in those thousand points.

So, firstly you sign up to swagbucks. On the first day I registered I earned 166 SB’s from all the signup rigmarole they get you to do. Five of those SB’s were from disqualification after I didn’t meet the criteria for some of the surveys I’d started. I also got another 500 for signing up after I’d been active a certain amount of time (about a week or so)

I didn’t really go into swagbucks with the intention of using it as a cash back site, I have other sites I use for things like that. However, saying that I DO use it when I order from just eat for takeaways. (I have so far got 269 points from those orders) which at 3SB per £1 tells me far too much about my eating habits!

So, free things you can do to earn swagbucks.

You can do the poll for 1SB every day. So that can get you a potential 365 points a year.
You can also do Daily offers (NOSO), that’s 2 SB a day. That’d give you 730 points a year.

So for two very easy clicky things that probably take less than 30 seconds you’d get 1,095 points a year which you could use to buy a £5 Amazon card. By my calculations (which could be wrong) I make that just over 3 hours for the whole year. I’ve definitely had worse returns for three hours clicking!

Other things you can do:

Surveys: I’ve earned about 476 points doing surveys. When they’re good they’re very good, I usually get about 80 SB per survey but some can give you up to 100. Also when they do that irritating thing of you completing part and then getting kicked out? At least you get 1 SB for your trouble!

Games: If you have spare time there are a couple of games you can play that earn you SB’s as well. I’ve only earned 14 SB from games which should tell you how tedious I find them. Although perhaps I just haven’t been giving them a chance! One is a card matcher and the other a game where you race a dinosaur over obstacles. I usually get about 2SB per game.

Swagsearch: This is probably my biggest earner, netting me 1,135 SB since I joined in November 2015.  I have the search function installed on my browser and use it as my go to internet search. It seems to use yahoo search and images which I’m not a big fan or, but if something is really not working I just switch over to Google.

Swagbutton and Swagcodes: I have the swag button installed on my browser as well and it lets me know when there are Swagcodes active. These are codes that you input to the Swagbutton (or on the site) and it gives you points. Usually you have to go to the website or facebook page to find the code but it’s not too technical, least SB I’ve ever gotten was 2; the most I’ve ever gotten was 6. Most of the codes are time sensitive though so don’t always rely on sites that list them!

Watching videos: You can watch videos on apps or on the website to earn SB’s. It’s tedious and sometimes dull and you have to watch something like 10 or 15 videos for 3sb (max). However, if you have the apps on your phone watch both on there and on your PC you can get through the videos whilst doing something else. I’ve earned about 230 SB from doing this. It’s especially good in the summer holidays when you’re at home with nothing else to do! Don’t do it if you haven’t got a wifi connection from your phone and watch your data allowance.

Downloading Apps: Downloading apps onto your phone and using them can net you mega SB’s. I don’t like to download things onto my phone unless I’m going to use them for a while but the lowest I’ve had was 25 SB’s the largest?  500 SB’s!
Daily goals: If you can meet the daily goals you get bonuses. Simple as that!

Slightly riskier are the swagstakes. These are basically like lotteries, you buy tickets with your SB’s and then they are drawn. Some of the prizes are very good but there are thousands of tickets, some are small. When I do partake I like to do the 100SB draw. There are 5 tickets, two tickets for 55 SB’s or 25 SB’s each, I like good odds so I buy 2 and 1, spending 80 SB’s with a chance of winning 20 (when I take away cost). I don’t always win, but it’s just a little bit of fun.

Ah! Last but not least, the birthday bonus! This year if I bought a giftcard (which I did) I got 55 SB back, because it’s the month of my birthday. Woot.

So, Swagbucks is easy to use and you can amass a decent amount of points. Since joining in November I’ve earned enough SB’s to buy 3 £5 PayPal giftcards amounting to £15. I think that’s not bag going seeing as I’ve not really being making an effort! You may think this isn’t a lot, but a fiver every now and then never hurt.

If you’d like to give it a go you can use my referral link here of throughout this post. Until next time!


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