Good Friday everybody!

I’m not a religious person, but I hope those who are have a lovely day, Myself? I’m going to enjoy the peace and quiet of no University and no School for the next two weeks.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be busy! Oh no – the Easter holidays are usually a time for me to catch up with my family who live up the country. Alas, that isn’t going to be happening this year. Money is far too tight, I was sick last week which means no pay this week (I get paid weekly as most supply teachers do).

However, I do try and budget for the holidays (which I also don’t get paid for). So I’ve got a very slight amount of money to buy things…like food. Or discounted Easter eggs on Monday….NO bad.

Luckily tutoring helps me tide over on most weeks.

The new master’s loans the UK government are giving students had some more information given out on a leaflet at university last week. It may have been earlier but I got one last week -I was devastated. I’m not eligible. I was, let’s say more than a little upset last week, but now I’m a lot calmer about it. They had to draw the funding line somewhere (I am not eligible because I have already started my masters, even though I’m doing it part time, so won’t finish until next year). Now I have the huge £3k issue of where the heck am I going to find £3,000+. Again, once I’d stopped hyperventilating I really thought about it.

I’d already agreed to do exam marking for two exam boards, so that will net me about £1,800 (IF I manage to mark it all, 350 full papers and also 22,000 individual questions in three/four weeks. No pressure)

Anyway, thank you for reading my rambling.

Tomorrow I am on a vintage and retro hunt with my friend and their daughter it will be nice to chill out.

I also want to set up a tracker for my penny jar challenge (which I’ll tell you more about in a different post). How do I let people download files from wordpress? Or, is it just something you can’t do?

Have a lovely day if I don’t write to you again before!


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