Walk 20.03.16

I was inspired by Jo Brand on her sport relief challenge when she walked the trans-pennine trail in 7 days! If she can do it, maybe I can – although without the personal team of medics, trainer I may perhaps do it at a slower pace!

This was just a little walk today, I’m recovering from a cold that had me laid up for a couple of days this week, so taking it easy was on the books.

I’ve started using walkit so I can keep track of how far I went.

So statistics:

Distance Time Calories
0.4 miles/0.7km/980 steps
 13 mins (slow)  78 cal
CO2 Saved
0.04 kg train
0.14 kg car
0.1 kg bus

Well, not bad for a start! Not quite the 21 miles Jo brand was doing but I’ll get there 🙂

The park I walked through also has an outside gym, I’ve noticed a few parks and schools having these installed recently – you can see if there’s one near you by clicking here

So, add 30 leg presses to the walk which I think migh be about 31 cal…not that I’m actually counting the calories so much.

The park was really busy, when I approached the gym part I was a bit put off because of all the teenage groups there. However, then I got a grip and went to the equipment I wanted to use. Most of the teenagers there were just hanging out, using the equipment or basketball court, some even had younger siblings or parents with them. No issues!


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