Well hello 2016!

Things got a little bit crazy the end of last year. I felt really down and sad and lonely. Then I got an ideal teaching contract (for me anyway) 2 days a week!

I love the school I’m at, and the students are lovely. It does feel a little isolating though, none of the other teachers seem to want to sit with me at staff briefings and because I don’t have my own classroom I tend to be sat in the staffroom (where I’ve snagged a desk).

Obviously because the other science teachers have classrooms they tend to stay in them rather then head to the staffroom. Plus being only part-time I miss the main science staff meetings. It’s also miles away from home, I’m exhausted before I even get there – I bet you that by the time I get used to the timings it will be summer and I’ll have finished!


I’ve been thinking recently about writing about things I do outside of supply teaching to earn money. I don’t earn a lot (or why would I also be supply teaching? well aside for the love of it.) but every little helps right?


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