06:14 Well, it’s been a while since I was on call. Actually it’s been a while since I did a lot of things but I’ve been ill followed by recovering from surgery so I have that excsue I guess. I forgot how sleepy being on call makes me, I decided to not get dressed but I am as ready as I can be, just need to chuck clothes on should I get a call.

07:16 Re-doing code for my website so I can add google analytics. It needed updating anyway as I’ve not got more letters after my name and a couple of societies I’m a member of have changed names. I also had a couple of little niggles that needed ironing out. Kinda wish I could remember if I can put things in a .css file to be inserted into the importing file. That would have saved me so much time :-/

07:25 The .jpgs on the site seem to be going a little crazy even though I’ve changed noting. Damn.

07:33 Decided to move onto uploading some pictues to a pay for use site. I don’t expect much money but it’s something.

07:40 Am hungry….no milk…..bread and butter is an acceptable breakfast right?

07:51 Mmm crusty bread and butter does make a good breakfast. Maybe I should have boiled or fried an egg to go with it? Ah well no matter now.

09:45 No call. back to bed for it is so cold!


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