Well I’ve decided to tempt fate this morning and wait for the call in my pjs. It doesn’t actually take me that long to get ready.

While I wait I’m going to prepare a revision calender for one of my tutees. I might as well do it for several of them at the same time I guess. Onto that!


Well I’ve got the calender basically laid out to how I want it. Now I need to go onto the school website for tutee number 1 and see when their term dates are and input them. I realise I could have done this using google calender but I’m just feeling in an excel mood today. Now I’m happily printing out exam timetables so I have them to hand


printing printing printing….


Hmm according to my calculations if I didn’t have tutoring I’d be in serious financial trouble 😦


Decided to call the tax office….I may be a while…..i really don’t like the auto system.

09:04 yep…still on hold…I of course really enjoy being told by a robot that I should try checking the website. Mmmhmmm.

09:10 Got through!….only for my phone to lose signal. WTH. I’m in the middle of a town. I never had issues with signal until I moved to EE (not that I was given a choice) from T-mobile!

09:18 Gah. That’s enough fo today. later


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