Well, well. The lean season truly has begun. Hello everyone, I hope you had a good summer!

A lot of people assume the summer is the supply teachers lean season, we don’t have work that’s true, however we -expect- not to have work and hopefully save accordingly.

No my friends, September is the true hard month. There’s little work because who wants to be the first off ill? The schools have had their new budgets, which are usually lower so would rather hire TA’s or Cover supervisors (who to be frank have to eat too!). I’m lucky, I saved expecting not to have much work, but without some tutoring I would find it very difficult.

I made the choice over the summer to register as self-employed, if you’re tutoring regularly then you really should, our economies messed up enough as it is without people not paying their taxes. Looking at how much I’ve earnt so far though I doubt I’ll be actually paying any taxes unless I get several more students!

That’ll be a hard choice, if I have say six students that’s essentially £150 (roughly, my prices vary) a week, a decent amount for 6 hours work, especially as I’ll be back at university part-time. If I doubled that to 12 hours (I wish) then I’d be seriously considering if I needed to worry about supply teaching at all.

At the moment I’m trying to find a long-term for a couple of days a week but it’s not looking likely. *big sigh*


I downloaded a desktop countdown timer to keep track of times for commissions I have on fiverr. ‘Free countdown timer‘ (yes that’s its name) seems pretty good so far, it also has a great feature in that it will wake up your computer from sleep mode to run the alarm 😀 I’ve started setting it so it goes off between the two wake up alarms I have on my phone, though I think I need to turn up my speakers a little as I didn’t hear it very well through my bedroom door this morning.  Ohh, looking on the website they have a portable version that you can have on a memory stick! So yes, my best discovery of the day 😀

The current debate on the Supply teacher network today is about fruit, what is your favourite. There have been some odd fruits so far, though I can agree that most of them are delicious. I just wish I could afford to eat more fruit. Thing is unless I adore the fruit it doesn’t get eaten quickly then it goes off 😦 and if I DO like it I gorge and get a bad stomach. Pathetic I know.  I need to step my game up.


I went to the independent food fair in Birmingham on Saturday, I really enjoyed it! I don’t think I’d pay for the VIP tickets again, the canapés were nice but with suppliers giving out free samples I don’t think I’ll spring extra for them. The two food talks I went to were very interesting, although the hay bales we sat on really did start to do a number on my legs and back by the end of the 50 mins for the Patisserie talk. The thing I did pay extra for, and thoroughly enjoyed was the talk and tasting given by Kneal’s chocolate. Even if I did have to listen to the couple behind me going ‘Oh are they dairy free’ ‘oh are they gluten free’ for crying out loud, these are questions you ask BEFORE paying £7.50 to taste the damn chocolates.  Eish.

Anyway, his chocolates are delicious, I would have loved the try the peanut butter one (which understandable wasn’t on the tasting option) but the salted caramel? divine. Not very sure about the orange one, I’m not really a fan of orange chocolate and I didn’t really get the orange.  Lovely bloke too, I hope he gives more talks – he should see if he can go into the catering school and demo to the students 😀

Also discovered a new place to eat, The butchers social in harborne Their wings and staff were amazing! I certainly will be going back there again.

Alright, I think at 8:40 it’s safe for me to go onto doing something else for  little while. I -may- still get a call but it doesn’t look likely. Today’s job. Sort out t-shirts.


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