So, I survived. I’m guessing (and I know I may be making an assumption here) that if you’re reading this you did too!

My alarm didn’t go off this morning, which was a pain as I’ve decided that I am 1) going to try to keep a regular sleep schedule and 2) wanted to go to the 7am swimming session at the local baths. In a bid to improve my fitness and get me into good habits I have signed up for unlimited swimming for the next few months. I did the math and worked out that if I went swimming for the next 43 days (the summer holidays) it would cost me £167.70. Ouch. Instead I’ve paid for a monthly member ship which costs £14.25 for the first month and £28.50 for every month after, I can suspend it and cancel it after the first 3 months. That’s £71.25, a no brainer really, especially as it also gets me access to everything else. Paying for it like that also might make me go more as I’ve already technically paid for it, so it would be a waste of money.

I already know there will be some days when I can’t go, for example there will be three of four days when I can’t go but aside from that I have absolutely no life outside of cleaning my flat currently.

At least I can partially see the study floor now, some of these spaces haven’t seen the light of day for way too long. Tomorrow I plan on finishing up the study (possibly rearranging my desk and moving onto the bedroom. I have a floordrobe to tidy away.

I also need to touch base with my university and with my agencies and see whats going on with work and things for next year.

Have a great evening!


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