Last night was terrible. I know I have gall stones, and I’ve had attacks from them before….but when a gall stone gets nasty you really feel it!

I woke up at 2:30am because someone was groaning and I felt like I’d been stabbed in the lower chest. The person groaning was me, the pain was the gall stones. Ow, I take the recommended cocodamol (I can’t take ‘brufin). fast forward an hour and things are really getting going. I’m having hot and cold flushes, my back is starting the cramp, so as I curl around the pain in my chest, my back cramps and when I move to relieve the cramp feeling my chest is excruciating.  I try watching some TV and curling up on the sofa. Nope.

Deciding that perhaps the computer might distract me I head into the study. Sit down and…. let’s just say it was lucky the bin in there is a large bucket, and was emptied recently. Alas just as I leaned back I caught my mobile phone that was resting on the desk. ‘plop’ into the bucket. That was not fun. So on top of not getting back to sleep untill after 5am my phone may be broken. Just when I don’t need it.

In other bad news, the school I’m working at have said that they regretfully can’t employ me next year *wagh* it’s not me, it’s my hours available, they just can’t timetable me for them. Pretty sad about it as I really like the school. I will certainly keep an eye on there for jobs. I think it’s a sign of how far I’ve come in a year that I can accept that. I will admit I was pretty stressed not knowing, but that’s a normal reaction I feel. I’m sad to be leaving the school, sad to be leaving some of my colleagues, sad to be leaving the students. At the end of the day I -am- a supply teacher and I do need to remember that.

I’ve had some great times at the school, it’s well run to my mind, and the kids aren’t bad. Supportive colleagues go a long way to making a place great. I’d really like to go back there one day.

This does however mean that I could in theory look for a nice little non-teaching job. I was thinking about checking out the university and seeing if there were any jobs on campus available for the next academic year. It would be good to have a job on campus then I could do some other work as well.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and there are three days left!


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