Goodbye June!

I’ll miss parts of June, it was a nice month, not too hot!

It sucked financially. Things happen I guess though and you just have to suck it up and pay! Right now I’m trying to refill my freezer as the disaster that was my old freezer let me down so badly.

Currently I’ve got: Frozen pasta sauce that I’ve made (frozen into silicone muffin trays so they’ll form ‘pucks’ like hockey pucks…nice and easy to zap in the microwave.) Last time I made pasta sauce I made a large batch and just froze what I didn’t want. I also have a bag of meatballs, and two garlic breads that I broke in half and froze. add cheese and spaghetti and that’s a decent meal right there.

Frozen peas, frozen sausages and frozen sweetcorn – add rice and chopped up cooked sausage and a dash of soy sauce (or sweet chilli) and again a  decent meal.

Frozen onions, peppers and sliced chicken. Add tortilla wraps and some fajita spices and BAM fajitas!

I also bought some chips and onion rings….if worse comes to worse i can have egg and chips.

I restocked my pasta supply and got some bake sauce too.

So slowly but surely I’ll be rebuilding my freezer stock! At least enough to get me some meals over the long pay-free summer.


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