I Like

Currently on 80 reasons I like my partner. I could go on….

  1. I like your height
  2. I like your eyes
  3. I like that they change colour
  4. I like your ears
  5. I like your beard
  6. I like your moustache
  7. I like your hair, long or short.
  8. I like your voice
  9. I like tickling your feet.
  10. I like our wedding album
  11. I like your hands – especially with our ring
  12. I like your laugh
  13. I like your giggle (yes they are different)
  14. I like your pet names
  15. I like our happy jar
  16. I like our anniversary
  17. I like your pet names that you use when your exasperated with me
  18. I like that you save my name for precious moments as if it’s too special to be used all the time.
  19. I like your hugs.
  20. I like that you let me hold you for as long as I need
  21. I like our surprises
  22. I like our challenge coins
  23. I like your massages
  24. I like hanging out with you on hilltops admiring the view
  25. I like that you let me fall asleep on you
  26. I like it when you stroke my hair
  27. I like that when I say I suck, you say I don’t instantly, every time.
  28. I like that you tell me I’m worth everything.
  29. I like that you support me.
  30. I like you singing in the shower
  31. I like talking to you when you’re in the bath
  32. I like you sharing cat pictures with me
  33. I like you going googly-eyed over babies
  34. I like you singing to our songs
  35. I like playing Wii fit with you
  36. I like you waiting for me beside the door
  37. I like you coming to meet me at the car and carrying my bag because you know I’m tired from work
  38. I like rubbing my cheek against your hair when you’ve just cut it.
  39. I like that you calm me down
  40. I like it when you laugh at something randomly on your computer and scare me half to death because you have your headphones on and I can’t hear the comedy programme.
  41. I like dancing in the kitchen.
  42. I like your cocktails
  43. I like that you get me drunk sometimes
  44. I like your fashion sense
  45. I like your hats
  46. I like that you make me try new things
  47. I like that you try to teach me politics
  48. I like that you explain things to me
  49. I like watching mock the week with you
  50. I like watching University Challenge with you
  51. I like that you care about me when you’re not home.
  52. I like you acquiring episodes of Castle for us to watch.
  53. I like that you’re learning to be sneaky (in a good way)
  54. I like your snoring
  55. I like that you overheat
  56. I like the smell of your coffee
  57. I like that you’ll iron things for me.
  58. I like our crest collection
  59. I like our seal
  60. I like your cups of tea
  61. I like the hot chocolates you make me
  62. I like your cooking
  63. I like when I got fired we had a special ‘no job dessert’
  64. I like you drawing little pictures on my lunch box
  65. I like our letters
  66. I like our emails
  67. I like our phone calls
  68. I like the cat pictures we draw
  69. I like stalking you on AIS
  70. I like how you look in uniform
  71. I like how you look in a kilt
  72. I like knowing you’re at home
  73. I like you being proud of me
  74. I like being proud of you
  75. I like playing games with you
  76. I like reading with you
  77. I like you telling me that I’m beautiful
  78. I like telling you you’re beautiful
  79. I like how you support me.
  80. I like you telling me that you love me.
  81. I love you.

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