Exam marking is difficult. I am so behind it is not even funny! I had until yesterday to mark 365 exam papers. I have fully marked 80. I’m told this is not unusual and that the more I mark these types of paper the quicker I will get. I guess I’ll just have to try harder next year.

Next year *grins* Next year I should be able to mark a lot more as I’ll only be working part-time and going to University part-time, which means I have one day a week (excluding weekends) where i won’t have and structured things to do. So this time next year I hope I’ll be closer to my 365 target!

I have a three-day weekend this weekend – thank goodness. Yesterday I went to Armed forces day, I found it quite moving seeing all the past, present and future military people marching and the service was well done, just because I’m not very religious doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good speaker. A couple of people fainted, I’m not surprised as it was quite hot in a  t-shirt, I can’t imagine the heat in a full, thick uniform!

I spent thursday night chatting to my course co-ordinator at a university open evening, that university are so unlike the other university I applied to! I originally wanted to go to University A) but their attitude has really rankled me and I don’t think they are very considerate towards part-time students. University B) have been much more welcoming, their open days are actually open evenings which makes sense and is much more available for people with full-time jobs! Anyway, I sat down with the co-ordinator and we worked out what is the most likely to be on my timetable next year and what units to take to ensure I’m in on certain days. I was disappointed I won’t really be able to take a certain unit till my 15/16 year but I’ll live!

Anyways, things to still do this weekend: Laundry, Dishwasher, Groceries, treating myself to dinner out, mark exam scripts, add up exam scripts some sill person at work didn’t add up and got dumped on my desk. Seriously WHO marks a set of papers and doesn’t add up the scores? I mean what’s the point of that?

I also need to go into work tomorrow (even though it’s training day and I’m ‘not needed’) Because I need my timesheet signed. *sigh*

Till next time.


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