My Armour

My armour is the shoes I wear

Flat so I can walk

My armour is the words I use

The soothing way I talk


My armour is the suit I wear

So you can’t see the real me

My armour is the smile I wear

So you will let me be

My armour is my colleagues

Who tell me of my worth

My armour is my students

For whom I move the Earth


My armour is the necklace I wear

A reminder that you’re there

My armour is the Love you send

It reminds me that you care

Sometimes the armour we wear can be stifling and it’s more of a shield that hides you. Sometimes it’s armour which strengthens you.

Gosh I sound poncy. I’m just trying to say that armour can be a good thing and can be a bad thing.


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