All that worry was really for nothing.

I knew it would be, but when you’ve been somewhere where you’re emotionally not allowed to have days off you don’t always sense doesn’t always come into it.

No scornful stares, no moans about how nice it’d be to have a day off, no complaining how ill they are (but not actually going home), no ‘I’d like to have a word with you in my office’ or ‘Have you got a moment, come with me’. Jut a simple ‘Yeah, life throws these things up sometimes, everything okay?’

That is the kind of response that makes me WANT to go back. It makes me WANT to stay. Perhaps it’d be different if I was a full staff member and not a supply teacher and they had to pay me, but, I get the impression it would be personnel who’d be having issues not the people around me.

It’s….nice? They do care, and they are bothered but it’s not the be all of end all.

I’ve got quite a lot on at the moment. As well as all the teaching stuff I’ve been marking for exam boards (exam marking is upon us) and also designing some things on shapeways.

Shapeways if you don’t know is a place that will 3d print your files for you. They have an amazing range of things they can print in, plastics, precious metals, ceramic, sandstone and wax. I’d check it out if you’re into your 3d stuff – although i didn’t used to be, but they have a cool programme where you can draw something in black and white and they turn it into a basic 3d image for you. Pretty cool yeah?

If it wasn’t because I wanted to keep this blog separate from me I’d be tempted to share some pictures. Crafts are a great way to make yourself less stressed. I do kind of lump 3d printing under craft, I mean you design it.

Anyways. Onwards.


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