The best laid plans.

So I’ve been doing well lately, two whole weeks without feeling ill and having the day off! This weekend didn’t go so well, my car died, a fatal death which meant I had to rustle up a new one and pay for tax and insurance….total came to about £800. That was not fun.

Of course the racing around and looking for stuff meant I didn’t really get a weekend. Managed to do some grocery shopping on Sunday, opened the fridge to put the food in and stopped. The inside of my fridge was HOT. Radiator temperature hot.  Checked the power, yep on, checked the thermostat, yep set right. Damn. Busted fridge.

I checked the freezer and it seemed fine so I took some of my goods over to my neighbours where she kindly let me have a shelf in her fridge. Texted the landlord who said someone would be out today (monday), okay I thought, I can do that.

This morning I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to the most unholy smell. My kitchen was already a mess because I’d emptied the car into it…but there was now foul-smelling water everywhere. Oh dear. I opened the freezer. Sure enough defrosted.

It was at this point I realised that I had better stay home today, for a start I needed to wait in for the fridge guy and now, I had the delights of my kitchen to clean up. The verdict on the fridge and freezer (when the poor handyman turned up) was that it was knackered and he’s going to have to take out that section of the kitchen. My landlord will be delighted I’m sure, I foresee a lot of cleaning in my future.

My agent called me and asked if there was any chance of me going into work today as there have been concerns about my attendance. I calmly told them that no, there wasn’t, which was why I had contacted them to say I wouldn’t be coming into work today.

I feel a bit frustrated that they would even call me and ask that, but then I suppose that’s their job and the cynical part of me says that when I’m not earning, they’re not earning.

I have to admit I’m scared. I have a good thing going at the school, I like the staff, I like the kids and they seem to like me. They even have said they’d be happy for me to work there long term whilst I go to university. They thing is I’m worried that they won’t want me now with me having so much time off with being ill and now this with having the day off. There’s also the issue of not being able to give them a timetable for university yet which means they can’t offer me work for next year.

*sigh* It’s also stressing me out that all my frozen ‘stores’ are now suspect and need to be thrown, I don’t want to eat meat that’s been partially thawed for who knows how long. Just because I found it on day X doesn’t mean it hasn’t been broken since day R. What a waste, that food was there for when I couldn’t be bothered to cook or when I didn’t have money for food. Now I’m going to have to dedicate a weekend or a few evenings to restocking it. After emptying it and getting the stuff to the skip.

I refuse to give up, i’ve got to not feel hopeless and sorry for myself. I will go into work tomorrow with my head held high and I will try my best – like I do every day. If that’s not good enough for them then that’s just how it’s going to be.


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