Well, it’s been a busy few months.

I hope you will forgive me the unreliable timing of my posts. I try to write when I feel I have something to write, even if it does end up as me rambling a lot.

So, a few things have happened since my last post.

– My partner has gone back to work which means I’m essentially by myself until they  get back. I miss them terribly, but what can you do really?

– I got a new long-term placement, only a few minutes from my house by car, it seems wonderful and they’re quite keen on keeping me part-time next year. (They’d like to keep me full-time but see below)

– I finally have exactly the right amount for my masters! I got offered an unconditional place at the university I really wanted to go to. I’m a bit nervous but excited.

Like my last post I’ve been having trouble sleeping which really, really sucks. Sorry but it does. Seems to be a Sunday night thing, tossing and turning things over in my mind and chasing around in circles. I tried reading, I tried laying there quietly, I tried green tea, I tried calling my American friend (as it was 1:30am) and I tried looking up sea shanties (it was worth a try). In the end I put on rainymood.com and the electric blanket and gave myself a problem I could solve in my head. This seems to have worked. However, then i was so worried about oversleeping that I jerked awake at 5:14am and then every 10 minutes till I gave up and got up at 6:15am

I did some exam marking this morning (done 232 questions) and now I’m writing this. I should be getting dressed shortly as I will be due at work soon (they give us free toast which is amazingly nice of them) I have no idea what I’m even going to wear today.  Clothes? I also have tutoring after work. I may pop home in-between and have a nap!

Have a lovely day.


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