08:12 and I’m waiting for the phone to ring…waiting and also kind of hoping it doesn’t.

So far this morning I’ve replied to some emails and also typed up the contents page from the OCR AS Biology textbook. All 101 section headings. Yup. Why I hear you ask? Well it’s a useful revision tool for the people I’m currently tutoring in AS Biology we go through the list, I ask them if they ‘Yes, they know it’, ‘are Iffy on it’ or “Definitely need to go over it” corresponding letters are put next to the chapter headings.

Now, I’ve had the luck not to have two student’s using the same exam board before but now I have so the pencil marks in the book won’t do. I need to clear it and have a separate sheet for each student. Hence the typing.

Ugh, I just scared myself by looking in the mirror. I look like I crawled out of a cave. I’m dressed and caffeinated, but my hair isn’t brushed yet and I am very, very pale! Didn’t get much sleep last night, just kept tossing and turning. I even got up early because I’d had enough and didn’t want to disturb my partner anymore. ZzZzZz.

8:22 The rest of the day is planned in my head, I’ve got a little bit of recording to do, exam papers to print, I’m planning on printing them and keeping them in a big folder.Luckily those are in abundance at my house. I don’t think I’ll laminate them though – for a start, and don’t judge me,  I don’t own a laminator, and secondly laminating pouches are expensive.

If I finish that I’ll be updating my CV and sending it off to my agencies for work after Easter. I really need to finish topping up my masters fund I’m so close to being able to pay for the whole year at once. £3,290….the amount of things I could do with that money! But instead I’m giving it alll to a university. It’s that small an amount because I’m doing the masters part-time. Next year I’ll hopefully be able to apply for a student loan as they’re bringing them in for Masters students. I also need to get some leaflets printed for my tutoring services so I can hopefully get some more work for september. I worked it out and if i could get between 8-12 hours tutoring, depending on the price I charged I could live quite comfortably. Of course if I was to do that and be earning that much a week I’d also be paying an accountant and all the other jazz that goes with being self-employed.

Well, it’s 8:32, time for me to sign off for the day. Taa-rah.


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