Hello silent readers and the world in general.

It’s become cold this weekend, I like the cold more that hot, but I don’t like being cold indoors… I’m trying not to put the heating on if I can help it, I can already see that I’m going to have to think about having it on a timer , perhaps for before I get up, before I get home and also before I go to bed.

I’m trying to keep the energy bills down as my poor partner in crime is paying for them it seems mean to do anything that would cause them to be higher. Saying that they’d be livid if they knew I was getting cold doing that. Hmm choices choices.  More jumpers and cardigans in order I think, perhaps even a jumper with a cardigan 😀 It’s also time to pull the curtain across the landing and make sure all the doors upstairs are closed. As I live in a flat that was converted to a masonette the upper floor, which I barely use, can get very cold. Downstairs it’s a case of making sure the doors are all shut and the curtain is drawn across in the hallway and the windows, it seems silly but the extra layer does help with insulation. I may even bring back my cardigan in the car to hopefully mean I don’t put the heating on in the car (and therefore waste precious fuel). Gloves, I need to remember to wear gloves.

My partner is away at work till January and I miss them, I miss the fact they make me a cup of tea when I least expect it, or hug me when I most need it. I know it would have taken me longer to break down in the way I did if they had been home. I don’t blame them for being away, they serve their country, I try to educate its children, that is how life is.  I do miss them though. I guess that in itself shows how much I love them.  You can’t miss someone you don’t love. Next Sunday will be our wedding anniversary and I will get to see them, an unexpected treat I assure you. I’ve decided to treat myself and go down a day early, booked myself a night in a nice hotel and basically celebrate the fact that I am not as useless as my last job made me feel.

I’ve recently been thinking about perhaps going back to school and trying to do a masters. I’ve found one I like the look of, but certain questions keep running around my head…

1) part-time? full-time?

2) Is it worth spending the good proportion of a house deposit on?

3) Is it worth doing full stop?

4) could I work if I was doing one?

*sigh* I already know the answer to number 4, I could probably work but not as a teacher – the workloads are far too high to do both at once. If I’m paying nearly six thousand pounds to do a masters then I want to be putting 100% into it. Not, not being able to study because I have to mark etc. Also job prospects? I mean I can see three outcomes, either I impress my lecturers and get a phd post, I do well and get a job in industry, or I return to teaching where I might get paid more for having a masters.

The other option is to not do that, carry on saving for a house, buy a house etc…MAYBE one day go back to it. Maybe…

Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to have the answers, but I do find writing therapeutic.



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