It’s been a busy old week this week. I’ve somehow fallen into a semi-long-term teaching position (well, I ask them on a friday if they’ll need me and so far it’s been yes). I suspect the head and I need  a long chat about how long term this job is going to be.

It’s partly scary having to do the planning and marking, I really need to plan more and not just wing it as I have been doing the last week, my students need stretching and others need a smack up the side of the head. I’m planning on doing one but not the other (clue: I’m not allowed to smack them up the side of the head). I’m learning more about how the school works, how detentions work and other things. I didn’t know I needed to take registers (as they weren’t given to me and the kids are registered in form twice a day) So now I need to start remembering to do that! I started on friday and turned it into a game with my classes, one student is allowed their phone out and is the ‘timer’ I have to try to guess the students names, they have to tell me their names and spell them for me to write down, the timer can’t stop until all this is done and there is complete silence. We have to try to beat that time the next time they see me. I’m thinking if we can get it below a minute I’ll have to think of a reward.

It’s really hard going from KS5 (156+) to KS3 (11-14) I’m still not sure how much detail I need, how much time I should be spending on a topic. I know I know this stuff, but how to get it across to the class whilst half of them are messing around (in some cases 75% is difficult)

My therapist asked me an interesting question: What would I do if i didn’t teach? It’s a hard question…people who go straight into teaching I feel don’t always have another easy way out. I’ve not got enough training or experience to do anything industry related, most other jobs require other qualifications and I can’t afford my masters or to retrain. She tells me that I have to think of ways around my obstacles, I know the way around – I could get a loan to do other training or a masters, but I’m not sure I’d want to get a loan if I can’t guarantee a job at the end of it!

She also broached the subject of me moving back home again. I’m still in two minds about this, there are many, many pros and cons to both staying and going. When you live with someone else you can’t just make that decision by yourself either.

Pros to moving back home

1) near family

2) I really like my home county

3) All my local ‘spots’

4) Friends from back home



1) near family (seen as free babysitter etc)

2) Some areas are not nice

3) not as much work


pros to staying

1) I love my flat

2) large transport network

3) starting to make friends

4) large population density

5) good place for my partner to travel to work



1) i miss my family

2) lack of support network


Not all pros and cons are made equally. I just wish I could decide. There are a couple of jobs I’m thinking of applying for where I live at the moment and if I do that then I will have to stay here. That’s not exactly a bad thing, but the trapped feeling is there and sometimes I want to pack the whole thing up and go away. Then again I’ve done that before (when I was younger I left the country and became an au pair) I’m not that person anymore and I remember how lonely it was.

I bought some jumpers from various charity shops today, I have plans for them – you’ll have to wait and see!



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