It has been quiet on here this week hasn’t it? I’m sorry about that, I’ve been so tired when I come in from supply that I’ve just vegged out in front of the tv doing some knitting.

When I say knitting, I don’t actually knit with needles, I use knitting looms because I am always dropping stitches and loosing count on needles whereas with the rigid layout of a loom I can keep track more easily.

I’ve managed to do one week of supply work and today I know I’ve got at least one day left, I think after this assignment I will possibly give myself a day or two off , maybe a long weekend so I can catch up on more sleep! Autumn and winter are in the air, you can see the different colours starting to creep into the landscape. The dew is starting to gether thickly on the grass and last night it was pretty cold when I got into bed.

Recently I’ve been pondering asking my doctor to reduce my dosage for my medication, one of its effects is to help me sleep but I’ve been dropping like a log into bed and snoozing my way through until my five alarms go off.  Yes, I said five. One to get me out of deep sleep, one to tell me to start waking up and the other three are choices as to when i get up. I also have a sixth one just incase i manage to sleep through EVERY alarm.

I have made a chocolate cake to take to school with me today, everyone seemed down on friday so a cake seems the perfect answer – we shall see if they like it.


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