I hope you didn’t miss me too much yesterday but here’s the post:

Today was terrifying!

I had my first every lesson, a proper lesson, not cover supervising, an entire class.

One of my agencies had asked me to do a trial hour-long class for a school which at first annoyed me as trial means unpaid and I had to write a specific lesson on quite a vague topic.

The kids behaved, the lesson went well – I think I maybe put too much in, but I reckon as I get more experience in ks3 teaching i’ll be able to bring that level down to the correct one.

They asked if I’d hang around for an hour to get feedback and as I’d got no other work for the day I hung out in the science staff room and tried to get a feel for the school whilst pretending to be very busy working on my laptop.

When the head of the department got back that’s when things started to get slightly strange. Firstly I got to meet the head on the way to the meeting room. he seemed nice but he kept asking me a question that I had no idea what he meant. That left both me and him with a strange puzzled look. Turns out he was asking me how I coped under stress but using some kind of teacher slang to do it.

During the meeting they asked me to summarise what I thought had gone well and he usual questions. Then the head of department put down his pen and said ‘I thought it was a good lesson, and aside from what you said, which were things that were neither here nor there, and relatively minor I couldn’t pick fault with it’. I nearly DIED, he went on to then say that he’d like me to come back tomorrow with a view to long-term and also he’d like to allocate me a mentor and to treat me like an NQT and hopefully help me to get QTS.

I stopped him there and basically gave him and his second in command the low down on my mental health and the fact that I have appointments I cannot miss.

He blinked a little but then said that the department would do its best to support me and that they would be flexible in regards to my appointments as long as I let them know in advance and I in turn tried to have them later on in the day like I’ve been trying to have.

Before I knew it I had agreed and in half an hour I shall probably be at the school ready to learn what I’m teaching today. Why do i get the feeling my agency suckered me into taking on a long-term post? Although I’ve made it quite clear if it upsets me then I will not continue there.

Then I went onto my therapy session. Again a place that had no parking for patients and I was completely out of change I ended up calling a shop I’d come out behind and asking them if I could please have permission to park behind their shop? The kind lady said as I’d asked she didn’t mind and I felt a lot more relaxed.

My therapist delved a bit more into my childhood which was uncomfortable, I made peace with stuff that happened in my childhood a long time ago and it’s not pleasant having stuff brought up. Apparently stuff that happens in your childhood can affect how you cope with things now though. She was pleased that I’d made such leaps since last week with securing this work and also starting a choir. I told her I was frightened by this job and she told me that sometimes fear is excitement named differently.

Afterwards I went to a big shopping centre near me, I needed to go to a book store as, despite me having three shelves of textbooks, I had not a single KS3 book! My new manager had emailed me through the topics I’ll be teaching and I want to make sure it’s the right level.

He gave me the rock cycle with delighted me as I enjoy geology.

I also grabbed  a new notebook and some new hair bobbles.


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