6:53 Mmm had about 15 minutes longer in bed today, I’m bushed! I don’t know why I’m so tired, I mean it could be that I didn’t go to sleep till 11 last night. *sips tea* ah pure bliss. I’m starting to like getting up this early, okay I’d rather stay in bed a little longer but I’ve always preferred mornings.

Following my therapists advice I went to a choir last night. It was a bit scary and nobody really paid very much attention to me as a new person. I think that’s possibly because they had a few new people last week as that’s when the choir restarted. It was a pleasant enough evening, people I did speak to were friendly. I wasn’t too keen on the fact we sat down a lot, I find it really hard to hit high notes when I’m not stood up. I wasn’t too keen on the walk back either, I was always taught never to be out by myself after dark. Where I’m originally from it’s a bad idea, here it’s not so bad but the feeling is still around now. I think I will go again, I liked the music and the people seemed nice enough and it does get me out of the house.

8:03 Sorry about that but I just thought of the perfect gift for someone so told myself I had to get it sorted before I forgot! My pokeball mirror goes well, it’s not as neat as I’d like but I think from a distance it should be okay. I’ll have to change paintbrushes for the black section as the one I’m using at the moment I wouldn’t really want to use for fine detail. Then all I’ll have to do it varnish it and there I’ll have a nice mirror so I can check my costume on the go when I get to comic con.

I was looking at my site stats the other day and I noticed that pretty much all my hits were from America! Who knew? Hello America!

8:57 Looks pretty quiet on the work front today, ah well a perfect round off to the week. I’ve been feeling rather apathetic this week I never did do any of my cleaning up jobs which isn’t very good *ashamed* but at least if I don’t have any work by 9:30 I think I can manage to make myself put some laundry on and perhaps do the dishwasher. Minimum. Well we’ll see what the day brings I guess. It’s easy to fall into a rut when you’re not working…to be fair it’s easy to fall into a rut when you are working, but at least you’re earning money! I STILL haven’t gone through my clothes like I wanted to…STILL have a messy kitchen, living room….let’s just go with every room and yes – STILL haven’t collected that darned parcel.

*sigh* I need to keep positive. I did reread a 4 book story and I did register with another agency and I got my door repaired. There and I’ve just emailed the lady who I know organises the sessions that I’d like to do my beginners embroidery classes with. If it’s not favourable then I’ll have to start looking around to see if there’s anywhere else where I could possibly run them.

9:32! Till Monday! Have a good weekend.


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