6:46 Ah I hate it when I wake up before my alarm, you always feel cheated , especially when it’s moments before it starts ringing. At least getting up early meant that I could get my bin out for bin day and grab a shower.

Yesterday I got caught up in a book and went from 10 till 5 solidly reading without realising it. I was so hungry by the end of the day. Tried my freezer sausages with trepidation as I’ve been hearing bad stuff about frozen sausages. They were greasier than normal sausages, but they tasted fine to my relief I would have been irritated if they were awful. Mainly because then I’d have 18 more to try and work out how to use. I guess if they’d tasted that badly I could have defrosted them, taken the sausage meat out of the skins, seasoned them and made sausage meatballs.

07:01 I don’t feel quite as tired today but my tea tastes slightly odd, almost slightly sweet. I don’t take my tea with sugar but I forgot to check the cup so it could simply be that it’s contaminated with a biscuit I dunked.

With everything that didn’t go on yesterday I really need to get things done today. Assuming I don’t get called for work. I still need to fill in my information for a marking post, collect my post from the depot…read the book I was meant to have read last week. 7:25 and I’ve made a start reading the book. Sue Cowley is a really engaging writer I’ll probably be off and on with the book throughout the day. Right let’s tick one thing off my to do list *goes to fill in forms*

There 7:37 and the forms are filled in and stuffed into the prepaid envelope. I just need to post it when I next leave the hour – the post box isn’t too far away so it’s not exactly a hardship. 7:46 I feel a bit tired and achy today and also a little snuffly – I wonder if I’m catching a cold? It could just be that I’ve been spending time outside laying on the grass reading and something in the grass has irritated my nose. I suppose I should also write a character sheet for a game I’m playing tomorrow evening. I’ll wait until the guy running the game is on to talk me through the character sheet, that will save me having to redo any incorrect bits. I’m also working on my pokeball hand mirror, it will take a fair few layers of paint before it’s the white I want, I’m half tempted to measure it up and then stick a pokeball sticker on it. Right now we’re on layer 3 of white paint and although it’s getting better I reckon it will take at least another two layers to get the solid white colour I want.

I also promised myself I’d ring the local high schools and find out which agencies they use so that I can make sure I’m on the books for the schools around me, not just schools with my current agencies.

08:35 and I’ve sorted through my emails, gone from 800 odd to 300 odd so not bad going and another layer of paint added to the mirror. I decided I will treat myself to a sausage sandwich today. Either from the cafe or cooked by myself…it will probably be the cafe to be honest. My landlord is meant to be coming over today to check out a leak into the cafe below which means he needs access to my flat. Well technically his flat, but you know what I mean!

8:52 and just over half an hour until I give up on phone calls, I think I will play a game for a bit. No good, I’m suddenly starving and I can SMELL the sausages cooking downstairs. So 9:08 I’m going to get breakfast!


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