6:42 and a beautiful misty morning outside, from my window I can see hills and fields cloaked in it, just waiting for the rising sun to uncloak them. Hopefully I’ll get a call today about Friday or at least about some work.

In other news another part of my costume arrived for November. It’s a white hand mirror that I’ll be painting to look like a pokeball, it will be interesting to see how that goes.

7:02 and I’m trying to book a craft fair for me and my lovely crafting ladies, today if I don’t have any work I’m going to go to collect a parcel from my local depot and then I believe the bedroom needs cleaning. I could really do with devoting some time to working on crafts for the craft fair, I know I’ve got until November but I need to get a move on otherwise we’ll have a half empty stall! I have a tonne of bottle caps that I really need to find something to do with. Perhaps a perusal of Pinterest is in order to get me inspired, it would be nice not to hand flatted hundreds of the caps then varnish, then drill, then add loops.

7:36 One of my last kickstarter pledges is finishing today, I love tea and the loose leaf tea company not only provide wonderful tea but also are based in one of my favourite counties, Yorkshire. I should really decide on something for breakfast and carry on reading ‘How to survive your first year in teaching’ It’s not my first year in teaching but one of my agencies asked me to read it and I figured why not? I found Sue cowley’s other book ‘getting the buggers to behave’ quite entertaining So I look forward t getting settled and reading this one.

Ah, 8:32 and the loose leaf tea companies kickstarter has funded, well done them! The other kickstarter I like (Yorkshire challenge coins) doesn’t finish till the end of September so I need to make sure I still have some money by then or I’ll go overdrawn. I’m expecting a cheque from the last place I worked at to pay off any remaining holiday days I had…I’m expecting between 3 and 5 days of pay in that cheque…and I’m not taking back the rest of my stuff until I have that cheque. They did say to return it at my convenience.

Hm, I need to think about what to have for breakfast, I could treat myself and make pancakes, I haven’t had them for ages. Mmmm with Sugar and lemon….that is if I have any lemon I shall be sad now if I don’t. Question is shall I make a big batch and then freeze leftovers? I’ve made pancakes on a Sunday and used them for breakfast a whole week but I find they get a little rubbery by the end of the week. Saying that a pile of hot buttery toast also sounds good, maybe with a boiled egg? Oh egg and soldiers! Or maybe a nice poached egg…shame I haven’t got any English muffins and ham, otherwise I could make a smashing breakfast. Perhaps that’ll be my treat next week.

All this food talk is making me hungry…8:47 not long to go which is good as all that food talk is making me hungry.

I know of a very inspiring site to encourage you to clean and give you cleaning tips. It’s a far on the sweary side, but I think, on this occasion, it is very helpful. The link is here (I did warn you it contains a lot of swearing) they also have an app that gives you times tasks and sends you bossy messages. I find it useful when I don’t know where to start with my house. Today though I know of at least 2 tasks I’d like to do. Laundry (including putting away) and sort out the bedroom….not a very smart target is it ‘sort out the bedroom’ Well I’ve already made the bed, I’d like to clear the floor, dust, empty the bin, then hoover.

8:59 Going to go play pharaoh for the last 30 mins and now it’s 9:30! Till tomorrow!


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