06:53 This morning I didn’t so much have a lie in as woke up at 6am and decided not to get up till me ‘get out of bed’ alarm went off. I have three alarms at the moment, well five technically. The first goes off at 6am, that one is to pull me out of deep sleep with the option of dozing. The second alarm at 6:30 is my main alarm, basically get out of bed now. The third is titled ‘shower alarm’ this one is to tell me this is the latest I can get out of bed and still have a shower it goes off at 6:43. The fourth alarm is the ‘you’re late and need to get up NOW’ that one goes at 7am…so far I haven’t needed that one. The last one is mainly for the weekend and it goes off at 10:15, just stops me sleeping the whole weekend.

Speaking of the weekend I have a lovely one and I hope you did too, the weather was a bit grim Saturday but I had a nice walk around my local town. I went ‘charity shop shopping’ my local town has a good range of charity shops and I wanted to try and get some picture frames. Ideally I wanted one to make a new sea themed brooch display and my nautical themed brooches have been expanding recently and I wanted four that looked roughly the same for making a sample display for a short embroidery course I’d like to run. I had no luck with the four identical frames so ended up buying four from eBay, I did find a nice enough one for my brooch needs though. I also did my shopping online (less temptation in store that way) but I chose click and collect which is free rather than deliver, which for a Sunday was £5. I also started off my elderberry syrup before I went to bed – ideally you leave it to filter overnight so that’s what I did.

Sunday was fairly quiet, had a bacon sandwich, I played games until it was time to collect my groceries at 10am, finished the elderberry syrup and then pottered about the flat until about 1. Then I finally downloaded the short PDFs I’m meant to be reviewing and as the weather was nice I decided to make use of the communal grassy area outside my flat and reads outside. So I left the flat armed with a blanket, two cushions, a bottle of pop, my kindle and two large umbrellas. The umbrellas were for protection against the sun, both glare and sunburn – I fry so easily, it’s the pale skin! I love my kindle, it’s one of the older ones that are just black and white, but I adore it, I love being able to read it outside without the hassle you find with a laptop (oh the screen has to be the right angle, when the sun moves you have to move etc)

I’ve started re-reading the Christopher Paolini Eragon series, I read the first one and maybe the second one about 10 years ago but never got around to reading the last one so I’m starting again. It’s as enjoyable as I remember so far I do love well written fantasy books, I’m quite fond of a good sci if as well though.

The last couple of things I did this weekend were when a friend visited. We worked on our costumes for an upcoming convention and watched pride and prejudice (the 6 hour wet shirt Colin firth one, not the 1 ½ long neck keira knightly one. Not that I have anything against the lady but that version doesn’t hold a candle to the 6 hour BBC one; though to be fair how can you expect it to with such a short amount of time? I do like the casting of Mr Bennet in both versions as well as Darcy.)

Here we are at 7:10 and I was just listening to Eva Cassidy singing ‘songbird’ she has a wonderful voice in this song…it really brings it out. The main problem I have with my media player at the moment is that it keeps randomly playing Christmas music. I wish I could set it so that it only randomly plays certain music at certain times of the year. Saying that we’ll soon be at that time of year when Christmas and Halloween are everything.

There 7:49 and I’ve finished my review and I may do some reading for a little bit. It’s 09:06 now and no call as of yet I might give my agencies a call after I get changed at 9:30, particularly the ones who haven’t been in touch with me last week. Especially the ones who have not replied to my email I sent a few weeks ago saying that I would be unavailable tomorrow,

I’m wearing one of my eBay suits today; this one is probably closer to the size I should wear. I’ve always preferred looser clothing for teaching in and after losing so much weight over the last few years I haven’t really had a choice. It still irritates me that women’s formal clothing doesn’t usually have pockets I mean seriously, in this day and age when we carry phones, debit cards, id cards it would make sense to have a few. I have some suit jackets with fake pockets – what’s the point?!

Its 9:15 and I have finished Eragon and am now trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day. It’s too damp this morning with dew to sit outside like yesterday and read, perhaps this afternoon. I’d love to have a house with a conservatory one day then on mornings like this I could open up the doors into the garden and curl up with a quilt and read. I guess that’s wishful thinking…or not, even if I get a full time job there will always be holidays and bank holidays and weekends.

I had hoped to get a day’s work today but I guess it’s still early September, I need to be more careful with my money I think and perhaps utilise my bank accounts more so that I can manage my money better.

9:24, there are some different things I can do today, I could finish a dress I worked on months ago, I could read some educational books, brush up on the curriculum, do laundry, clean? I really should do the dishwasher but I might treat myself to a sausage sandwich first – although they’ve just started drilling downstairs in the cafe so I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or not.

9:31 and time to get on 🙂


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