6:55am I didn’t have a sneaky lie in this morning, but I didn’t start writing this till now as I was busy replying to some emails. I think this morning if I don’t have work I might work on reviewing a book pdf I was sent, apply for some jobs and perhaps see if I can pick up some extra work somewhere. I’ve been registering places for tutoring work but I was thinking about a job where I’d get some exercise. So I’ve been looking at leaflet and catalogue distribution, I suspect it doesn’t pay well but I know that if I’m being paid to go walking I’ll more likely do it. I also saw some jobs advertised for acting extras which could be a pretty simple way of earning some extra cash. I also said that I’d be happy to contribute to a student’s psychology research (for which I’d get paid £10) not sure if they still need participants but £10 is £10 and even after travelling there I’d still be earning some money, I can actually feed myself in an okay fashion for less than £10 a week if I don’t mind very similar food. Especially this time of the year when I can forage for stuff.

At least I’ve got a quiet weekend planned, dinner with friends tonight, another friend coming over to watch movies Sunday. I suspect Saturday may be grocery shopping but that’s debatable as I haven’t even decided what food I’ll be having next week. My umbrella company allow me to claim up to £5 for lunch so most days I think I’ll pick up a sandwich from the local Tesco express on the way. I also ordered a smart meter from British Gas so I can see if there are ways I could be saving money on gas and electric. I think this winter I’ll be spending a lot of time hiding under many layers of quilts to stay warm.

7:33 and I’ve signed up to some market research work so we’ll see if I get anything from that, I’ve also randomly developed hiccups *hic*

I’m in a bit of a fix when It comes to applying for jobs at the moment on one hand I’d really like a solid job…on the other hand the annoyance of filling out application forms for places to not even have the decency to say yes or no to you makes me feel like I’m wasting my time. My last job was so bad that it stripped away all my confidence in my ability to teach, to manage a class or even to do paperwork. I don’t want to be in that situation again and part of me is scared that if I apply for these jobs I’ll be trapped and have another trip to sick leave land.

Now I’m all set up to do supply teaching I’d like to give it a go and see if its viable for me to do, or if it’s not if it will give me back some of the confidence that was slowly drained away from me.

Anyway, I don’t want to dwell too much on the past, take forward lessons from the past but don’t let it rule you.

I’ve added some web comics that I like to read to the section below, some of them might not be appropriate for work but I don’t seem to recall anything particularly fiendish about them. Hm 07:56, I fully plan on making elderberry syrup today it might not get finished till tomorrow as you have to drain out the liquid overnight. A bit nervous as the last time I used elderberries I made elderberry jam and the results were….explosive. Let’s just say, white kitchen, dark purple jam and never speak of it again.

I have some very nice bottles to put the syrup in and spare jars/bottles if they aren’t enough. My store cupboard is getting pretty full now so I will have to look into actually using some of the preserves I’ve made over the last couple of years rather than having them sat there. Pies and crumbles spring to mind (yum!) I love crumble, but the top layer ahs got to be about an inch thick!

I’m meant to be saving up for a house so I guess thinking about ways to earn extra money and save money isn’t such an insane thing. Perhaps I should re-watch the ‘super scrimpers’ I likes that show, it had some very handy tips although some were common sense and some (like the vinegar and bicarb of soda drain unblocker) I’ve been asked by my landlord not to use again. According to the handyman who came to fix the drain if not all the bicarb reacts then it can cause issues when it hardens in the pipe….oops!

I feel like such a bad supply teacher this morning, I’ve got half dressed then chucked on a dressing gown, bets on if I’ll get called this morning? Part of me doesn’t want to work today as there’s some other things I’d like to get done, people I want to see before they go away till January etc.

I’m originally from Yorkshire and I was on one of my favourite sites the other day (kickstarter.com) and saw that a project I’d liked the look of had relaunched! If you’ve ever wanted a Yorkshire Challenge coin, now’s your chance click here. I love kickstarter, I like how you can fund some wacky, weird and wonderful things, I’ve funded everything from a community garden somewhere in the US, to Viking teethers in New Zeeland. Now that the site has a UK branch I’ve been trying to support local projects that interest me and that’s going to have to stop now as part of my saving money, it’s all too easy to spend a lot of money on that site AND get bitten by the non sterling currency charges from your bank (ouch).


9:30 no call so back to sleep for me!


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