Had a little bit of a cheeky lie in this morning, a whole 15 minutes extra. I then promptly destroyed the serenity by falling down the stairs with the glass recycling box. Good job my neighbours and family are such heavy sleepers because I thought the noise was terrific! Don’t worry about me, I’m alright!

Yesterday was a bit of a meh day in my books, it started well (even with no work), went to the brilliant local markets near me, got a tasty pork and apple sauce baguette for lunch. Then the headache that had been niggling at me decided that it wasn’t hurting enough and developed into a full blown migraine. Ouch is all I can tell you. People experience migraines differently but this one felt like someone standing on the inside of my head; with shoes on. I tried to sleep it off and went to bed at 2pm then got woken up by a bloody PPI cold call GRR. I went back to sleep and woke up at 4:30 to the kind of semi migraine that could go either way. Once I’d gotten up and dressed again it had decided on the migraine coming back again, ouch, time to break out the migraine tablets. They don’t work instantly but given about 20 minutes the pressure was relieved leaving me haggard and worn out.

I haven’t had many migraines since coming out of my full time job, for which I’m glad (in both cases) Stress and tiredness seem to be my triggers, factors which you easily develop when teaching full time.

It’s 7:15 now and I’m again debating what to do with my time….and now it’s 7:47 and I’ve discovered how to add links to this page and have added several. All are sites I’ve used in the past so can vouch for, I’ve mentioned before how much I like the supply teacher network facebook page – you can follow them on twitter too if that’s your thing. I have the rain sounds playing in the background as I type this, I’ve always found the sound of the rain soothing, it’s a bit of a double edges sword at the moment though. I listened to it a lot when I was stressed and trying to do work at home so on one hand it reminds me of that, however, on the other hand it is soothing.

It’s a bit quiet so perhaps it’s time to build my empire in Egypt (Pharaoh. An old game now but I still love it) I have a major tidying job to do today as I can’t actually see the dining room table…Pretty sure Atlantis is in there somewhere.

Oh 8:49 and I got a call…alas primary school SEN students are way out of my comfort zone and also experience that I turned it down. Sounds crazy I know, but I don’t want to do something so far out of what is remotely comfortable for me, KS3 and KS4 are actually not the ages I’m trained to teach either so already I’m a bit out of it…though at least I don’t have to take them to the bathroom (in theory)

One piece of advice I got when starting was to always be polite to your ‘handler’ or your consultant. I can’t agree more, all three of mine are nice and friendly, one’s less communicative than the other two but I always try to remember that they’ve probably been up and at work longer than me searching for work for me. Also, as long as they’re not messing you around, there’s no excuse to be rude to people on the phone!

9:33 time to be about my day


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