Oh man, my stomach is not a happy organ today; I went out for dinner last night and may have eaten too much. The food was delicious though and there were these nut brownies…yum. In consideration of my stomach I’ve skipped the morning cup of tea, I might have a cup of red bush tea later but I’m not sure I want to risk the acid reflux I sometimes get.

Yesterday I managed to get the five larger squares I needed for complete the top of my grandfather’s quilt cut out. I’m now in the process of embroidering them, the fabric is an old tablecloth with a very faint woven in leaf pattern – I’m simply using small chain stitches to outline the leaves so they are more visible. I’m doing the stitches in a very pale grey so they tie in with the pale grey of the shirts I used for the more complex panels.

It’s 6:45 so I might play a computer game for a little while then come back and work on you.

08:10 I forgot how easy it is to lose track of time whilst playing city building games, it’s almost like when I speed up the game time speeds up and slips past without me realising it! I should probably be working on writing a short course, or refreshing my knowledge of the curriculum for KS3 and KS4 as I’ve not taught them before. Or re-reading getting the buggers to behave (yes that is the name of the book)

I feel less tired this morning, although I am feeling the lack of caffeine that I have been getting the last two mornings. No calls so far but then I’m not really expecting any the first week back, I get the feeling that September is quite slow for business.

08:54 now and my bed is calling to me…I must be strong and try to last until 9:30 then I can have a nap! Meanwhile I’ve been working on my basic embroidery course, it’s hard to think what to cover but I think I’ve got the basics of what I want to do down. Week 1, Equipment, threading needles and running stitch (and some variants), Week 2, Cross stitch and variants. Week three chain stitch and variants. Week four blanket stitch and variants. I’m debating whether to give the students a fabric book that they can make in the first week – I was thinking three or four strips of felt, folded in half that they do a running stitch up one side to make a needle book/stitch sampler book. This does of course depend on how much I can charge for the course, it’d be at a local college and I’ll have to factor in things like room rental and how much people would be willing to pay! I guess as well if they’ve got anything similar running. When I was younger I went to a fused glass class and one of the things I recall is the teacher having a big board of samples that she’d made herself. If I were to run such a course I’d want something like that. Perhaps a different picture frame with the weeks stitches in for each week? We’ll see.

Meanwhile it’s now 9:20 and I’m going to go for a nap.


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