Good morning all. It’s 06:39 on day two of my life as a supply teacher. I never got a call yesterday so I’m wearing the same clothes that I got dressed in yesterday morning. Yesterday I got changed out of them at 9:30 and into something more appropriate for a day at home baking messy stuff. Ikea are doing a good deal on preserve jars, 80p for a nice size for Christmas presents. I made 3 jars of stem ginger, 2 small bottles of ginger syrup, 1 large bottle, 1 jar and one half jam jar. I left them to cool overnight so I need to remember to put them into my ‘pantry’ cupboard. Really should sort that cupboard out as I’ve got a lot of jams etc in there. Well….I say jam…More like runny sugary fruit syrup that won’t set no matter how long I boil it for… At least it makes good pie/crumble fillings or on ice cream.

Now it’s 7:37and I decided to make this into a word press blog for, well, I’m not sure exactly what for but what hey. Had fun modifying a design I had laying around for the page header and I’m pleased with the result.

I am so sleepy, I didn’t go to bed quite as early as planned last night so I’m feeling it this morning. Thank goodness I’ve always been a morning person, the afternoons may mean I ‘zonk out’ or rather fall asleep….possibly on the sofa – my sofa is very comfortable. I’ve spent many an evening asleep on it, your neck doesn’t like you very much when you wake up but snuggled under quilts and amongst cushions is very relaxing.

07:52 and no calls yet, beginning to plan what I’m going to do for the rest of the day if I don’t have work. I should really work on finishing my grandfather’s memorial quilt, I have a half woven blanket I should finish, the previously mentioned preserves need storing and I should possibly tidy up the kitchen. I might treat myself to a hot sandwich from the Cafe nearby.

I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising there’s not much work this first week back, everyone is full of energy, fresh back from the holidays. Not enough time for them to be ground down and get sick/go on fieldtrips/ etc.

We had spicy pork and rice for dinner last night; it’s one of the Hairy Biker’s dieter recipes. I think it’ from the second book and we love it here, it’s also great cold as a lunch the next day.

8:31 and I’ve discovered a nice facebook group called the supply teacher network, if you’re a supply teacher why not head over and join? They seem very friendly; I remember reading once that isolation is one of the biggest downers in a supply teaching role so hopefully this will help some. Annnnd now it’s 08:42 I’ve been given a good idea of things to fill my time whilst I’m waiting for the 9:30 cut of time (well, it’s a cut off time in my head) I might do some lesson planning so that if I do get a full time job in January/September next year I’ll be all prepped for it. It will also refresh my knowledge of the areas I’m not familiar with. I was looking at the national curriculum – I never realised KS3 students had to do so much physics :S over the pages, 2 and a half of chemistry, 3 and a half of Biology and FOUR AND A HALF of physics. EEK.

8:49 Less than 45 minutes and I can get changed and possibly have a nap. I really must go to bed earlier than 23:00 I KNOW that the optimum time for me is 22:30 so why did I stay up late? Two words, Castle marathon. I’m currently on season 5 of castle, Nathan Fillian IS roguishly handsome (not to mention I always loved Firefly). The show has some wonderful guest stars, Kelly Hu (whom I know from Martial Law, a favourite childhood show), Jonathon Frakes (Very briefly in a sci fi themed episode), Armin Shimerman and everyone’s favourite (although not as recognisable out of costume) Michael Dorn as the therapist. I also love the fact there are reoccurring references to other shows as well.

Well, it’s 9:30 and I’m going to get changed and grab a hot breakfast!


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