What’s in my bag? Folder (paper, calendar, what we did sheet, yes no cards), hazard symbol flashcards, unusual animals flashcards, pencil case (pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, whiteboard markers), mathematics set (compass, set square, ruler), polyester-silk blouse (doesn’t crease, backup shirt), hairbrush, mints, DBS (proof I’m legally allowed to work with children), headache balm, highlighters, mobile phone, reward stickers, metal mug, red-bush tea bags and caught you being good reward cards.


At least I think that’s everything I have in my bag at the moment. This is the first day of term for a lot of schools in my local area. At the moment I’m a supply teacher, I work for three different agencies and the plan is to hopefully get enough work to eat and run my car until I’m ready for a permanent job again.

I’m sat at my desk as I type this, it’s 06:50 and I’ve elected to accept early morning calls. This means I could be called anytime from 7am till 9am. My husband is asleep in bed bless him, blissfully unaware that I’ve raided the rich tea biscuits and am nibbling on them rather than breakfast. If I do get a call I’ll pop a piece of toast in whilst I finish getting ready, but aside from that I’ve find it difficult to eat breakfast before 7 or 8 – I always either feel ill or starving by 11am. Why am I not in bed blissfully asleep until the phone calls I hear you ask? Well, I’m the kind of person that if you call and wake up will seemingly have a coherent conversation with you but then not remember a word. Also then I’d need to see how far away the school is before accepting the job. So to aid with this I figured it would be easier to get up, have a notepad and pen ready, and have Google maps loaded up on the computer.

Nervous as hell aptly describes how I feel right now. It’s now 7:19 and no calls yet, a couple of my agencies only call after 7:30. Right now I’m having a little window shop on eBay, it’s where I’ve gotten most of my suits for this year. My advice to you is to try it if you’re short of cash and need suits, a lot of agencies have a dress code and the word suit is mentioned in there (or at least smart trousers and shirt, ties for guys). I don’t want this post to be an advert for EBAY but just to give you an idea of the prices you can get (if you’re willing to buy second hand).

Ignoring the fact that Marks and Spencer’s aren’t currently selling a linen beige suit in my size, their cheapest trouser suit is £84.50 (which as it’s over £50 includes free delivery) – I got my beige linen suit for £10.64. With Evans the cheapest button up shirt I can find is £25, from eBay (in a wonderful dark turquoise green) £10.50, I could have gone cheaper, but I wanted some colour, I also got a lovely pinstripe suit on eBay (originally from Evans) for £21.40, on the Evans website the cheapest suit jacket I could find (ignoring the fact it didn’t come with trousers) was £39.50!

Now it’s 07:55 and alls quiet and I’ve checked my web comics, listed an unwanted bracelet for sale taking me to 08:15. I have plans today if not working to go to Ikea, they have some very cheap storage jars and I want to make some ginger in syrup. I have plans of giving it as Christmas presents and using it to make really nice ginger chunk biscuits. I can also make the liquid left over into ginger syrup. Lovely in hot milk!


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